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obiee interview questions and answers pdf

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50 Important OBIEE Interview Questions with answers | OBIEE Interview Questions and Answers

Explore Now! These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. Its proven architecture and common infrastructure producing and delivering enterprise reports, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, and OLAP analysis provide a rich end-user experience.

It contains following information:. Physical layer joins are called as physical joins and attributes can be joined using either equal operator or using any expression. BMM layer joins are called as logical joins and can be define as inner join or Left join or Right join. Connection pool contains the data base information and is useful to import meta data into Physical layer.

Alias table is exactly replica to any physical table in Physical layer. If any changes are happened in main table it will reflect in alias table also. Duplicate table is replica of main table at an instance only, If any changes are happed in main table it will not reflect in duplicate table.

The main object in presentation layer is Subject area and defines one subject area for one business entity. The tables which are available in presentation layer is Presentation tables and it might be built by using one or more physical tables. Cache is log of any query developed in Analytics page. Go to manage and get identity and select any user then you can define log level for that particular user or role.

Event pooling table is used to purge data automatically having table information whose cache should be purge. Click on advance tab in analytics age and click on the check box bypass BI presentation server cache. Console is Weblogic Server web page, and is useful to control the Admin server and managed servers. Operation process management network control is the BI control component to control the BI server components like Presentation server, Java host, BI publisher etc.

Update the values in report directly in report and will be updated in Data base called right back. There are two reports and the second report is navigated through first report called master detail report. Multi user development environment is used to work multiple people on a same RPD and to deploy their work without disturbing others work.

To find the usage of reports by the users called usage tracking, We need set of configurations are needed for this Usage tracking. To guide the OBIEE to build query by using specific tables we will define implicit fact column in Presentation layer columns. Interview Questions. Oracle BI server: The BI server is converting the logical sql to Physical sql so that database will understand the sql.

Collecting Business Requirements from Business people Identify source systems which is required to develop suitable reports Design ETL to load data from source to the Data Warehouse Creating repository Create reports and dashboards Set up security Build cache mechanism and aggregations Testing and QA.

Q11 What is the use of Physical layer? Q14 What is the difference between physical join sand logical joins? Q16 What is alias table? Q17 What is duplicate table and difference between alias and Duplicate tables? Q18 What is circular join? In any join there is a table used in more than once then t is called as circular join. Q19 Types of variables?

Q20 What is Initialization block? To define dynamic repository variable using any SQL expression Initialization block is needed. Q21 What is Subject area? Q22 What is presentation tables? Q23 What is cache and how to set up cache in RPD? Q24 How to purge cache in RPD?

Q26 What is Event pooling table? Analytics page: Presentation server component. Console: WebLogic server component. Enterprise Manager: BI server component. Q28 What type of reports can build in analytics page? Q29 What is the configuration file used by Analytics page? Q30 How to check query in analytics page? Go to administration and click on manage session. Q31 Type of cache available in obiee.

Q33 What is action links? To navigate one report to another report or another dashboard or web page action links are used. Q34 What is agent? Agent is used to schedule report or dash board agent is used.

Q35 What is dashboard. Q36 What is Enterprise manager? EM is Fusion middle ware control page and it controls the all BI server components. EM is the place where RPD and catalog deployment process is going on. Q37 What is console? Q39 What is node manager? Node manager is the bridge between admin server and managed server in Weblogic server.

Q40 What is Direct data base request? Q41 What is right back? Object level security Data level security. Q43 What master detail report? Level based hierarchies Skipped and Ragged hierarchies Parent child hierarchies. Q45 What is catalog manager?

Catalog manager is window component and is used to connect to catalog. Q46 What is job manager? Job manager is also window based component and is used to monitor the scheduled jobs.

Q47 What is opaque view? Q49 What is usage tracking? Q50 What is implicit fact column? Q51 What are the time series functions? Ago To date Period Rolling. Search for:. List of frequently asked PySpark Interview Questions and Answers.

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300+ TOP OBIEE Interview Questions and Answers

Answer: The logical table created at the BMM layer can be based on the data from a single physical layer table, when it is called single Logical Table source. When the specific logical layer table is dependent on the columns of different physical layer tables, it is called Multiple LTS. Most of the time we will be dealing with Multiple LTS. Answer: No, it is not mandatory to create the hierarchies for all the tables, we can just define hierarchies to those tables that need to have it. When is it advisable to create one? The opaque views make the logical understanding simple for implementation but there are heavy performance constraints. They are only used when there is no other way to get to the final solution.

OBIEE Interview Questions

Ans: By clicking on Administration and Manage dashboards and by adding a column selector we can create an interactive Dashboard. Ans: We can give a column as updatable and then view the reports, this option is called write-back option. By this, we can create reports from two subject areas. Repository variable: This variable is used for the whole repository. Session variable: session variable is of two types: system variable and nonsystem variable.

Explore Now! These questions and answers are suitable for both freshers and experienced professionals at any level. Its proven architecture and common infrastructure producing and delivering enterprise reports, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, and OLAP analysis provide a rich end-user experience. It contains following information:.

OBIEE Interview Questions

Wisdomjobs will provide you the list of subject-specific questions frequently asked during the interview. Its general infrastructure delivering and producing enterprise reports, dashboards, scorecards, ad-hoc analysis, and OLAP analysis provides a wealthy end-user experience. Question 1.


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