Anti oppressive social work theory and practice pdf

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anti oppressive social work theory and practice pdf

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Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice is the first text to fully integrate concepts of antioppressive. It continues a rich. Choose the book you like when you register 4.

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Anti-oppressive practice

As the next generation of social workers in a continent bedecked by oppressive customs, it is cardinal that the voices of social work students be heard. This study aims to share the reflections of Nigerian BSW students about anti-oppressive approach to professional practice. Drawing on a qualitative approach, semi-structured interviews were conducted among fourth-year social work students at one of the elite universities in the southern region of Nigeria. Results reveal that, although willing to challenge oppressive practices, social work students are ill-equipped to apply anti-oppressive approach to social work practice in Nigeria. This study makes an important contribution to the field and to the existing literature because the findings have broader implications for social work education in Nigeria.

Social work education is subject to further changes partly in response to media and governmental scrutiny and pressure, with particular criticism being levelled at anti-racist social work theory and practice. This paper questions whether this is due only to the dominance of a particular ideology in Britain, or if it is also a consequence of the failure of social work education to adequately address the complexity of the issues involved. The authors suggest that much of the anti-racist social work literature is theoretically inadequate, being informed by neither sociological, political nor economic theory or research on racism in Britain. This has made it vulnerable in a climate which is hostile to struggles for racial and other forms of social equality. The authors conclude that a radical, yet realistic, way forward is to move away from the current narrow focus on anti-racism to a broader anti-oppressive framework. This recognizes the need to continue the fight against racial, alongside class, gender and other forms of oppression, whilst setting achievable objectives within the social work process. Most users should sign in with their email address.

Oppression, Social Divisions and Identity. Lena Dominelli, Jo Campling. Pages PDF · Anti-Oppressive Practice as a Legitimate Concern of Social Work.

Anti Oppressive Social Work Theory and Practice free download book

This updated third edition of the immensely popular Doing Anti-Oppressive Practice introduces students to anti-oppressive social work, its historical and theoretical roots and the specific contexts of anti-oppressive social work practice. Key to this practice is the understanding that the problems faced by an individual are rooted in the inequalities and oppression of the socio-political structure of society rather than in personal characteristics or individual choices. Moreover, the contributors show that social justice and social change — working against racism, sexism and class oppression — can and must be a key component of social work practice. Drawing on concrete examples from specific practice contexts, personal experience and case work, including child welfare, poverty, mental health, addictions and disability, the contributors demonstrate how to translate social justice theory into everyday practice. This new edition adds chapters on working with refugee, immigrant and racialized families; children; older adults; cognitive behavioural therapy; and using social media as a tool for social change.

A Wilson, P Beresford, 'Anti-oppressive practice': emancipation or appropriation? This article offers an initial critical discussion of the concept of anti-oppressive practice - AOP - from the perspectives of service users.