Inventor tube and pipe tutorial pdf

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inventor tube and pipe tutorial pdf

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Create and modify tube and pipe runs assembly templates. I guess it is pretty safe to assume that we aren't talking CNC here, as you are making paper templates. To measure larger pipes, print a second Diameter Tape with Start At set to highest point on first tape and overlap tapes to extend. This tool computes the curve, and unrolls it into a template.

Autodesk Inventor Routed Systems 2010 Getting Started

This is the system I use on my job nearly every day. For example, you may need to design a pipe run that has ANSI Schedule 40 carbon steel piping and instruments, but terminates in a DIN standard flange for customer tie points. This family has a column named ND which contains the sizes of the flanges, in millimeters, expressed as M10, M15, etc. In ND2, put the Imperial unit equivalent sizes. Then, saving and applying the changes, right-click the family in the Content Center Editor window and select Family Properties. Once you apply the changes, this flange is now ready to be used in a Mixed Units style. This file is where you would place any styles that you want to be able to use all of the time.

Autodesk Inventor's Routed Systems environment adds design tools for routing rigid pipes, bent tubes, and flexible hoses to designs in the assembly environment. These tools let you automatically populate a given path based on 3D sketched lines and splines using different settings and components. Standardizing how you populate that path is important so that your design team is modeling in a consistent manner. Creating a routed system style is fairly easy, but reproducing it can lead to errors in the overall design process. A style is made of rules that govern how something looks and reacts to other parts around it. For instance, a style can only be one diameter in size. If you need a half-inch and a three-quarter—inch size of the same type of fitting and conduit, you need two different styles.

Hello all. This has been the busiest year that I can recall at this company I work for. This is a good thing, but it takes me away from writing, and I do enjoy this. How to create them, where to save them and how to copy them. This file may be placed in a shared drive, as a part of moving the entire Design Data to a shared location.

Design a flexible hose system

Contributions de 0. Personally I am very excited to use the new software, I absolutely love the dual screen support, that for me is a game changer, I am getting used to the light mode, and the new interface is growing on me. You could not unaccompanied going next books growth or library or borrowing from your friends to right to use them. Posters have been screaming for years that Inventor has too many clicks. Worldwide Sites.

About Tube and Pipe Assemblies

To activate the tube and pipe environment and begin adding rigid piping, bent tubing, and flexible hosing routes to an assembly, you must add a run to a standard Autodesk Inventor assembly. For the first pipe run added, the system creates the master runs assembly along with an individual run. Once the master runs assembly is created, the tube and pipe run environment is activated so you can add routes and runs. As with the master runs assembly, each run together with contained routes can be stored in a specific location in your work space by default. All routes and runs are arranged in the order they are added to the assembly.

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Auto Routes are generated when a user selects the start and end point of a pipe route. It appears on the surface to be a slick, neat and clean time saving feature…. Until you try to make a change. Designs are like living beings, they change constantly. Equipment is changed, moved, deleted.

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