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report on recruitment and selection process pdf

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The successful accomplishment of this project work is the outcome of the contribution of number of people, especially those who have given the time and effort to share their thoughts and suggestions to improve the report.

Report on Recruitment & Selection Process.pdf

The successful accomplishment of this project work is the outcome of the contribution of number of people, especially those who have given the time and effort to share their thoughts and suggestions to improve the report. At the very beginning I would express my deepest gratitude to Almighty Allah for giving me the strength and the composure to finish the task within the scheduled time.

I would like to express my appreciation to my internal supervisor, Abdullah Al Ahad, Lecturer, City University, and City University for providing me all the guidance and support that I needed mostly. This was really a good way of learning and I really appreciate his efforts towards giving me proper line directions. I would like to thank Md. Finally, my sincere gratitude goes to my family and friends for supporting me, sharing their thoughts and giving me the moral support during the preparation of this report.

The work that I have submitted here does not breach any existing copyright and no portion of the report is copied from any work done earlier for a degree or otherwise.

I declared that this report is my original work and prepared for academic purpose which is a part of BBA curriculum. The report has been completed under my guidance and is a record of general work carried out successfully. As per partial accomplishment of the requirements for the BBA degree, I have completed the internship from Skyline Group.

It is my pleasure to carry out the internship report under your supervision. I hope this report reflects on the contemporary issues on the Human Resource Management that are being Practiced by organizations in our country.

I would like to request you to accept my internship report for further assessment. It is the largest exporting industry in Bangladesh, which experienced phenomenal growth during the last 25 years. By taking advantage of an insulated market under the provision of Multi Fiber Agreement MFA of GATT, it attained a high profile in terms of foreign exchange earnings, exports, industrialization and contribution to GDP within a short span of time. The industry plays a key role in employment generation and in the provision of income to the poor.

Nearly four million workers are directly and more than twelve million inhabitants are indirectly associated with the industry.

Over the past twenty five years, the number of manufacturing units has grown from to over The sector has also played a significant role in the socio-economic development of the country. Over the last two decades, by offering the best blend of quality, efficiency and productivity to their valued customers, Skyline Group has been able to grow up from a 50 machines stitching unit to a composite textile having knitting, dyeing and finishing facilities of about 20 tons fabric and pc garments per day.

The Human Resource Department of the Garment is the most crucial department which has to work with the daily manpower and the resources. As an intern I didnt get the chance to work in every sector very deeply but I had my contribution on the HR department. A big promoter of the industry till now has been the cheap labor in our country. However, recent political developments are creating a barrier to this sector.

Moreover, workers are now well- aware of the high profits enjoyed by the companies, and as a result demanding higher salaries. This is the same problem that is circling Skyline Group. The companys biggest drawback is the high labor turnover which is directly arising for this sole reason.

As a result, the companys HR department has taken steps to tackle this problem. The solution that I helped to come up with, is creating a better working environment and preventing and monitoring the commission received by the line managers from the labors, so that no injustice occurs to them.

Table of Content. Topic Page No. Chapter-3 Literature Review 3 Recruitment and Selection 10 3. Figures 2. Background of the Study This topic has been chosen because of negative impact of industrial employee turnover. The researcher can understand why some people are more likely to stay committed to a job than others.

In this paper researcher tried to investigate the effectiveness of such HR practices and moreover how they can influence employee commitment as well as overcoming high employee turnover which is a major issue in todays volatile job market. It can be seen that high turnover exists in certain markets and environments where employees feel and consider themselves to be undervalued by their employers, unrecognized for their work or feel that they are being taken advantage of.

High rate of employee turnover undoubtedly hurts a companys morale and bottom line. Economic research suggests that for some industries it can cost up to one-fifth of an employee's annual salary to find, train, and hire a suitable replacement. If turnover rates are too high, this represents a significant sunk cost for the company that can't be recouped. Luckily, by improving the environment at work, practicing smart hiring strategies, and ensuring that your company is optimally-organized, it's possible to keep turnover at a healthy minimum.

Determining the causes and consequences of employee turnover is necessary in order to maintain competitive advantage in todays knowledge economy. For an organization, an employees departure can mean the outflow of the knowledge that he or she possesses, and it is thus necessary to ensure its transfer in order to maintain knowledge continuity.

The guideline and preparation of the report was supervised and directed by Abdullah Al Ahad, Lecturer, at City University and I am thankful to him for assigning this project. The broad objective of the research is to evaluate the recruitment and selection process of Skyline Group to minimize the employee turnover with the help of more advanced and effective method. To provide an overview of recruitment and selection process in Skyline Group. To identify how recruitment and selection practices impact on employee performance in Skyline Group.

To underline the factors affecting high turnover rates. To determine the factors that influence to maintain low employee turnover. The report entirely discusses the current predicament of Skyline Group, and how they perform different HR practices at Skyline to reduce employee turnover. Also in this research the researcher has solely focused on the HR Department and its policies. To make this report meaningful and presentable, the researcher used primary and secondary research base.

Most of the data came from critical observation. Primary data came from experience, observation, unstructured interview.

On the other hand secondary data has been collected through internet, different journals, and regular reporting. The first limitation this researcher must consider is that although all efforts have been made to reassure the employees filling out the questionnaires that everything they put down was completely confidential and unidentifiable, you are still dealing with peoples jobs, and they may be afraid that this was untrue and that they could experience some form of punishment for what they said, in the future.

Another limitation occurs in relation to the recruiters- because this researcher did not have an opportunity to observe them throughout their recruitment and selection process, the researcher can only use the information taken from the questionnaires, where as if there had been an opportunity to observe the recruiters the researcher may have discovered other things. The researcher was also limited when it came to conducting the exit interviews, as only 2 of the 7 people contacted were willing to do the exit interview.

This limited the researchers ability to discover why people are actually leaving the organization. Another limitation to the researchers work is that the questionnaires were created by the researcher and the HR Manager of the Manufacturing Company, and were not based on previously validated scales.

The researcher could not find any previous studies on the recruitment and selection processes employed by a Manufacturing Company so there was no form of previous comparison, this was another limitation. Chapter- 2 About The Organization. Skyline Group started its journey in garment industry in with interests in fabrics manufacturing and trading. The company is constantly providing customers across the world with garment sourcing solution, with manufacturing facilities.

Bangladesh entered in readymade garments business in early s. At that time there were very few local entrepreneurs who knew the trade. Mainly the foreign entrepreneurs directly operated their business for the cheap labor. But during late s and early s the scenario of garment sector of Bangladesh-started changing local expert and entrepreneurs started experiencing the knowledge of the trade.

In the above context Skyline Group is a privately owned company which was established in The owners possess a vast experience in dyeing, finishing, knitting of fabric. Skyline Group is a world class casual wear manufacturing company known for its state of the art production facility, extensive and unique research and development center and high skilled human resources which has transformed a small garment factory established in in to a supreme institution of premium Cloth design and manufacturing house.

At present Skyline Group is one of the leading premium garments products manufacturers, employing people, producing over 9 million cloths every year and exporting to over 25 countries. With continuous focus on quality improvement and value addition, adoption of top of the line technology, commitment towards maintaining safe and healthy workplace for the workers and strict adherence to customers compliance requirements, this group has become one of the most preferred suppliers of the leading global fashion retailers.

Skyline group looking towards further development and expansion in order to cover all branches of the industry, taking into consideration the availability of the raw material-cotton, competitive labor, and low power cost. They have directed, hardworking, and efficient workforces, supervised and directed by a well-coordinated supportive management team. Not only Skyline ensures the top quality of the products but also they treat safety, security, and hygiene as their priority area.

They are equipped with firefighting services and have a medical team of doctors and nurses to render services to their employees.

Buying house is the middle man between the buyer and RMG factory. It is quite difficult to arrange buyer for RMG factory because most of the buyer come from foreign. And RMG factories website is not that much effective thats why a class of broker grow in this gap between buyer and the manufacturer.

As they always maintain correspondence with the buyer they have better understanding of buyers requirement. They act as a helping hand for us. Continue the business with profitability. Create employment opportunities for workers. Contribute to the development of the country. Taking the full advantages for staying near the airport and port as the business is export oriented.

Developing own supply units for minimizing the cost of raw materials. Re-emphasizing on service delivery. Diversification of business for having the market of other products.

Aligning operational procedures information system towards business goal achievement and service delivery. Recruiting and selecting the right people is paramount to the success of the Skyline Group and its ability to retain a workforce of the highest quality. This Recruitment and Selection Procedure sets out how to ensure as far as possible, that the best people are recruited on merit and that the recruitment process is free from bias and discrimination.

Recruitment and selection procedures must comply with the Skyline Groups Diversity Policy. This procedure incorporates compliance with the following legislation:. Process of attracting qualified job applicants, Strategic recruitment involves the appropriate use of internal and external sources The process of finding and attempting to attract job candidates who are capable of effectively filling job vacancies. Recruitment is the process of identifying and hiring best-qualified candidate from within or outside of an organization for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner.

Recruitment is the process of attracting qualified applicants for a specific job. The process begins when applications are brought in and ends when the same is finished. The result is a pool of applicants, from where the appropriate candidate can be selected.

Internship report On Recruitment and Selection Process at

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We are committed to our equal opportunity policy at every selection stage. Hiring teams should aim for a well-planned and discrimination-free hiring process. This recruitment and selection policy applies to all employees who are involved in hiring for our company. It refers to all potential job candidates. Stages may overlap. Hiring managers can post a job opening internally before starting recruiting external candidates. If they decide to post internally, they can:.

Source Nipupurni Internship report On Recruitment and Selection Process at. Viyellatex Group p Preliminary Steps for Recruitment.


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Internship report On Recruitment and Selection Process at

Internship Report " Recruitment and Selection Process "

Every task is undertaken with an objective. Without any objective a task is rendered meaningless. The main objectives for undertaking this project are:.

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