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sebi and its functions and objectives pdf

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It was a non-statutory body established to regulate the securities market. The headquarters of the board is situated in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. SEBI helps in regulating the Indian Capital Market by protecting the interest of investors and establishing the rules and regulations for the development of the capital market.

Sebi Objectives Functions And Powers Pdf

It was introduced to promote transparency in the Indian investment market. Besides its headquarters in Mumbai, the establishment has several regional offices across the country including, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai. It is entrusted with the task to regulate the functioning of the Indian capital market. The regulatory body lays focus on monitoring and regulating the securities market in India to safeguard the interest of investors and aims to inculcate a safe investment environment by implementing several rules and regulations as well as by formulating investment-related guidelines.

It has a Board of Directors, senior management, department heads and several crucial departments. To be precise, it comprises of over 20 departments, all of which are supervised by their respective department heads, who in turn are administered by a hierarchy in general. Besides these, other crucial departments take care of legal, financial and enforcement-related affairs. The said power facilitates to maintain transparency, accountability and fairness in the securities market.

All its functions and related decisions have to go through the two apex bodies first. The Securities and Exchange Board of India Regulations, is a set of guidelines that have been formulated to manage mutual funds in India. As per the said guidelines, mutual funds in India must register under the Trusts Act, Those mutual funds that deal exclusively with the money market must get registered with the RBI.

The trustees of the AMC must ensure that mutual funds are performing as per the regulations. It is also entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring the overall performance of mutual funds. SEBI India has further issued several mutual funds regulations that the sponsors, asset management companies and shareholders must abide by. It further requires them to make their constituents of the indices public by getting it published in their respective websites. Investment Basics.

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What are the Main Objectives of SEBI?

Check this out. Blogger Templates Created by ThemeXpose. Older Post. SEBI is managed by its board members and the management of the board is defined in Section 4 of the act, which consists of following:. Objectives of SEBI.

SEBI has formed two advisory committees to deal with primary and secondary markets. To know the investor protection measures taken by SEBI. To outline the key functions and powers of SEBI. To investigate and find out the facts whether SEBI has taken legal action against fraud. To conclude and suggest a suitable course of action for SEBI.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India Sebi is a statutory regulatory body established by the Government of India in to regulate the securities market in India and protect the interests of investors in securities. SEBI has the power to regulate and perform functions such as check the books of accounts of stock exchanges and call for periodical returns, approve by-laws of stock exchanges, inspect the books of financial intermediaries such as banks, compel certain companies to get listed on one or more stock exchanges, and handle the registration of brokers. SEBI was established to keep a check on unfair and malpractices and protect the investors from such malpractices. The organization was created to meet the requirements of the following three groups:. The fundamental objective of SEBI is to safeguard the interest of all the parties involved in trading. It also regulates the functioning of the stock market. SEBI carries out the following tasks to meet its objectives: Protective functions, Regulatory functions, and developmental functions.

SEBI acts as a watchdog for all the capital market participants and its main purpose is to provide such an environment for the financial market.

Explain the objectives and functions of SEBI.

It was initially established as a non-statutory body, i. SEBI plays an important role in regulating the securities market of India. Thereby it is important to know the purpose and objective of SEBI. At the end of the s and during s, capital markets were emerging as the new sensation among the individuals of India.

SEBI : Objective, Role and Functions

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What is SEBI?

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Functions of SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)


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