Types of camera lenses and their uses pdf

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types of camera lenses and their uses pdf

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Lenses are one of the most important considerations in photography. The lens you choose for each shot can dramatically change your results; its best to know how all the types work so you can make more informed decisions as a photographer in various situations.

A camera lens also known as photographic lens or photographic objective is an optical lens or assembly of lenses used in conjunction with a camera body and mechanism to make images of objects either on photographic film or on other media capable of storing an image chemically or electronically. There is no major difference in principle between a lens used for a still camera , a video camera , a telescope , a microscope , or other apparatus, but the details of design and construction are different. A lens might be permanently fixed to a camera, or it might be interchangeable with lenses of different focal lengths , apertures , and other properties. While in principle a simple convex lens will suffice, in practice a compound lens made up of a number of optical lens elements is required to correct as much as possible the many optical aberrations that arise.

Types of Lenses and How They Are Used

Answering the question is something of a minefield as each digital camera manufacturer offers a large range of lenses of different qualities and budgets. What follows below is an attempt to unpack the different types of lenses that most manufacturers offer in the DSLR market. Standard Lenses — this is a term that seems to be disappearing a little from terminology. Traditionally on film cameras it was used to describe lenses in the 50mm range because this is what usually came with the camera. It is generally an entry level quality zoom lens. They are usually a fairly general purpose lens designed for everyday shooting.

Shorter focal length lenses provide a wider field of view but offer less magnification. Conversely, longer focal lengths provide a shorter field of view but provide greater magnification. The focal length of a lens is usually displayed on the lens barrel, along with the size of the adaptor ring. The lower the maximum aperture value will indicate the quality of the lens in terms of brightness. High quality zoom lenses deliver a constant f-stop throughout the focal range i. A lens with a low f-number wide maximum aperture , is a better quality lens and allows you to do more with it. In addition, these bright lenses will enable you to achieve a very shallow depth of field.

The truth is, many lenses are expensive, so we often choose a type of photography and then pick a few lenses that work with our vision. It can be useful to try different types of camera lenses for different perspectives and compositions. We are going to break down all the lenses you have when it comes to expanding your normal lens arsenal! Kit lenses are excellent companions for general-purpose photography because they rarely come in a focal length longer than mm. This type of lens is inexpensive and may even come as a complementary lens for your camera purchase. This lens is light and more compact than other camera lenses, making it perfect for photographers who are still in the early stages of photography. However, it is not very fast nor incredibly sharp, unlike other quality camera lenses.

The Different Types of Camera Lenses for Video and Photography

It breaks down the different types of lenses you can get, the variations you can find within that, along with suggestions for when you would use each one. Standard lenses have a mid-range focal length, somewhere around 50mm - but really anything between 40mm and 60mm. The most common focal length is the one that falls slap bang in the middle of that - the 50mm. Some concrete examples would be:. Telephoto lenses have a LONGER focal length, and they magnify the subject, allowing you to take photos of subjects that are farther away. Because they can be quite cramped indoors, you are best to use a telephoto lens outside, especially when you have some distance between you and your subject. They are also incredibly flattering for portraits, as they slim down the face ever so slightly, and give great background blur, helping separate your subject from the background.

photography tutorial outlines some important qualities of different lenses, and Choosing a lens is often more difficult then choosing a camera when it comes to macro lens doesn't mean it can only be used for that type of photography.

Lens Basics

All photographers know what a camera lens is. It lets us view and capture our environment. Some photographers find that the lens is more important than the camera. Others believe that the camera body functions and limitations are more important.

These pictures show how the different focal lengths will affect your image. If you want to shoot with just one prime lens, this may be the one to have. These lenses offer natural-looking perspective. The wide maximum apertures make for shallow depth of field: good if you want to use focus creatively, not so good if you need everything to be sharp. These are the shortest lenses that will give undistorted closeups.

F inding the right lens for your camera can vastly improve your images and overall production. But learning what you need to know about video and photo camera lenses can be expensive and time-consuming. In this article, we explain the different types of camera lenses so that you can understand which lens, or set of lenses, will be the best option moving forward. Subscribe for more filmmaking videos like this.

There exists not just a range of focal lengths, from the super-wide to the super-long, but even several variations on a single focal length, not to mention zoom lenses of all kinds. In this helpful video, brought to us by Pentax, professional travel photographer Kerrick James explains the basics things every beginner needs to know about camera lenses:.


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