Trading and settlement procedure in stock exchange pdf

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trading and settlement procedure in stock exchange pdf

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In the stock market, there is always a buyer and a seller. So, when a person buys a certain number of shares, there is another trader who sells the shares. This trade is settled only when the buyer receives the shares and the seller receives the money.

Various stages involved in Trading in Stock Exchange

Stock Trade Settlement Process in India: As Investors, we play the role of both buyers and sellers in the stock market. We indulge in trading activities to either purchase or sell shares. Although the mechanism may look simple with only a few parties involved, there are a number of activities performed by various other groups behind the scenes. This is to ensure trading activities take place smoothly with minimal risk. Here, we aim at understanding the Trade cycle, Clearing, and Settlement process while trading in shares. Example: Mr.

Execution of a transaction on the floor of stock exchange is highly technical in nature. Only members of the stock exchange are permitted to enter into the stock exchange for trading purposes. These members who buy and sell securities in the stock exchange on behalf of their customers are known as brokers. Stages involved in trading in stock exchange. Various stages involved in trading of securities in a stock exchange are explained below:.

Stock chart scanning software trading and settlement procedure in stock exchange pdf

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Download PDF. Currently more than securities are available for trading on NSE. The online trading systems follow the principles of an order driven market, which facilitates efficient input of orders and automatic matching, resulting in faster execution of orders in a transparent manner. The member-brokers enter orders for purchase or sale of securities from work stations connected to the exchange trading systems. Order matching is anonymous i.

Before selling the securities through stock exchange, the companies have to get their securities listed in the stock exchange. The name of the company is included in listed securities only when stock exchange authorities are satisfied with the financial soundness and other aspects of the company. Image Courtesy : listdose. Previously the buying and selling of securities was done in trading floor of stock exchange; today it is executed through computer and it involves the following steps:. The buying and selling of securities can only be done through SEBI registered brokers who are members of the Stock Exchange.

When you purchase or sell stocks, the entire trade is completed online. For purchase transactions, money is debited from your account and you receive the shares and for sale transactions, shares are debited from your Demat account while the selling price is credited to your banking account. However, this does not happen instantly.

Participants Involved in the Process

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Stock Trade Settlement Process in India: Trading & Clearing Cycle


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