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house of lords and house of commons pdf

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Parliament traces its roots back to the earliest meetings of English barons and commoners in the 8th century. The Witan was a small council of clergymen, land-owning barons and other advisors chosen by the king to discuss matters of state, taxation and other political affairs.

Image: Senate Resource Centre. Each new Parliament begins with the opening by the Governor-General on the first day the two houses meet after a general election. The current Parliament is the forty-sixth since federation in The parliamentary term continues for three years after the date of the first sitting of the houses, unless it is ended earlier by the dissolution of the House of Representatives or by the double dissolution of both houses to resolve a deadlock or disagreement between them. Both types of dissolution are carried out by the Governor-General on the advice of the Prime Minister.


Visitors travelling on the London Underground can use the District, Circle or Jubilee lines to get to Westminster station, which is fully wheelchair accessible. Victoria, Charing Cross and Waterloo mainline stations are about 20 minutes away by foot and have connecting buses. All buses in London are now wheelchair accessible. Members of the public cannot bring bicycles into the parliamentary estate. Coach drivers can stop briefly on Abingdon Street, after the entrance to Victoria Tower Gardens, where they may drop off and pick up on the left hand side before the second zebra crossing. Coach parking is not available but there are a limited number of coach parking bays in Westminster, available on an hourly tariff. Travelling by car will often be subject to the congestion charge and meter parking is limited.

The History of Parliament was established by a declaration of Trust made in shown in the image above. The Trust operates under this document, subject to subsequent variations in March , January , October and July The History of Parliament is a registered charity registration number Since it has received public funding, originally from the Treasury. It is now funded principally through two sets of Grant-in-Aid provided by the House of Commons and the House of Lords, currently in the proportion A Financial Memorandum, agreed in , governs the financial and administrative arrangements for the activities of the Trust and its relationship with the House of Commons Commission, and accountability for the Grant-in-Aid.

Members of the Lords are often referred to as peers. Up until , the Lords was a largely hereditary chamber, with peers inheriting their titles. These peers only sit whilst they gold ecclesiastical office. The House of Lords have a variety of functions. The first is that they scrutinise legislation. They can introduce, amend, delay and veto bills proposed laws.

British Parliament

The Parliament of the United Kingdom [note 1] is the supreme legislative body of the United Kingdom , the Crown dependencies and the British overseas territories. Parliament is bicameral but has three parts, consisting of the sovereign Crown-in-Parliament , the House of Lords , and the House of Commons the primary chamber. The political party or party coalition that H. The Prime Minister and their cabinet wield the executive powers for the entire country but must possess the confidence of Parliament otherwise, lose their office. Because of this it is not unusual for Parliament to hold elections more frequently than the required five years. The House of Lords includes two different types of members: the Lords Spiritual , consisting of the most senior bishops of the Church of England ; and the Lords Temporal , consisting mainly of life peers , appointed by the sovereign, [8] and of 92 hereditary peers , sitting either by virtue of holding a royal office, or by being elected by their fellow hereditary peers. The House of Commons is an elected chamber with elections to single member constituencies held at least every five years under the first-past-the-post system.

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echoing Lord Newton's, recommended a House of about members, mostly representatives of the hereditary peerage elected for life of one Parliament by all.

Parliament of the United Kingdom

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Referencing with Harvard: House of Commons/Lords papers

No. 2 - The Opening of Parliament

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The House of Lords as the second. Chamber of Parliament: • makes laws. • holds Government to account. • is a forum of independent expertise. • was until October​.


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