Railroad commission of texas pipeline safety rules and regulations pdf

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railroad commission of texas pipeline safety rules and regulations pdf

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Proposed Rules

Millions of miles of pipelines are used to move energy resources from areas of production to consumers. Pipelines are the most efficient and economical method of transporting our nation's energy resources and are also considered the among the safest. It is important for all residents to be aware of pipeline safety and understand the best ways to protect property and lives. If an emergency occurs at or near a production area, call Do not enter the area or attempt to provide help. Even installing a mail box, privacy fence, flagpole or storage building could pose a hazard within the right-of-way.

OMB also analyzes the cost-benefit analyses in support of the proposals. Pending Final Rules. DOT Estimated Publication. Emergency Order Procedures. August 1, May

Pipeline Safety

The draft rules, which are currently posted only for informal comment, are garnering significant industry attention, with trade groups questioning whether potential compliance costs accord with identified safety risks. Most rural gathering pipelines are exempt from the safety standards applicable to transmission pipelines due to the perception that their remote location and lower throughput lessens safety risks. Proponents of additional pipeline safety regulation have claimed in recent years that the longstanding regulatory exemption for rural gathering pipelines is outdated, when the size and operating pressures of some unregulated rural gathering pipelines exceed those of regulated transmission pipelines. Of interest is how the Commission intends to apply the draft rules to existing rural gathering pipelines. The Commission clarified at its July 24 rulemaking workshop that operators of these pipelines would likely be required to comply within 1 — 2 years of the rules becoming effective. As written, and just as one example, the draft rules would impose a leak survey requirement compelling operators of existing rural crude oil gathering pipelines to, for the first time, conduct 26 right-of-way inspections each calendar year.

PHMSA issues guidance to state pipeline safety program managers regarding enforcement of plastic pipeline regulations. District court dismisses complaint against PHMSA regarding inspection of pipelines located on federal lands. API releases two standards addressing natural gas gathering pipelines. Texas Railroad Commission reminds operators to include abandoned pipelines in digital mapping shapefiles. PHMSA states that the proposal is intended to reduce regulatory burden. Proposed Changes to Part

The Railroad Commission of Texas RRC ; also sometimes called the Texas Railroad Commission , TRC is the state agency that regulates the oil and gas industry , gas utilities, pipeline safety, safety in the liquefied petroleum gas industry, and surface coal and uranium mining. Despite its name, it ceased regulating railroads in Established by the Texas Legislature in , it is the state's oldest regulatory agency and began as part of the Efficiency Movement of the Progressive Era. In , the federal government took over transportation regulation for railroads, trucking and buses, but the Railroad Commission kept its name. The three-member commission was initially appointed by the governor, but an amendment to the state's constitution in established the commissioners as elected officials who serve overlapping six-year terms, like the sequence in the U. Senate , elected statewide.

Railroad Commission of Texas content - adopting and enforcing safety rules to enhance the integrity of pipelines throughout Texas. RRC's Oversight & Safety Program, ensuring compliance with safety regulations while promoting public safety & awareness. Pipeline Damage Reporting Gas Transmission Operators pdf.

Pipeline Safety Update - Issue No. 157

Included was a portion of the Mega Rule that focuses on the safety of gas transmission pipelines. The other two published rules focus on the safety of hazardous liquid pipelines and enhanced emergency order procedures. Transportation Secretary Elaine L.

The Final Rule instead prohibits the use of reworked plastic.