Care and maintenance of kitchen equipment pdf

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care and maintenance of kitchen equipment pdf

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Well-functioning equipment is important in order for a restaurant to be successful. Your equipment determines and guides the operations of the entire business. Lack of maintenance can lead to equipment malfunction in the long run.

Basic Cooking Equipment Maintenance Requirements

Print and share:. Project Mission Partners Ask an Expert. Early childhood Family childcare Infant and toddler care Post-assessment Pre-assessment School age care. Interactive Assessment. Care of equipment and utensils General Care: Throw away cracked or chipped dishes or utensils that may harbor bacteria. Be sure that countertops and other food contact surfaces are free of cracks and crevices, that pots and pans are free of pits and dents, and that plates are free of chips and cracks. Cracks in any surface can harbor germs.

Your cooking equipment is probably the most important thing inside your restaurant. One unexpected failure could ruin a busy dinner service. Even worse, a kitchen fire could put you out of service for days, or even weeks. To keep your equipment — and your business — operational, the following five points are often the most critical routine maintenance requirements in the kitchen. Download this cooking equipment maintenance checklist for your restaurant kitchen.

Able to know about various equipments and tools used in kitchen. Understand how to do cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. Kitchen Equipment is expensive and to justify the expense it is essential Cleaning and Maintenance : that maximum use be made of it. This can be done only if the equipment being efficiently and in turn on the carea and maintenance of the used Solid works tops should be washed clean,this or depends wiped clean with equipment. General points that must be considered when purchasing equipment for a All the gas jets should be lit and checked that none are blocked. Weight of the typein of flooring easy movement within the Ovens: Ovens are equipment enclosed spaces which food and is heated, kitchen.

Your Guide to Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

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The energy experts at our SoCalGas® Food Service Equipment Center have published this reference These are simple manual pilots that can easily be replaced when the unit is off CARING FOR THE COOKING SURFACE. Care should.

Topic 14(Kitchen Equipment & Tools, Cleaning and Maintenance)

In food processing, proper maintenance is important to ensure a sanitary processing facility. Properly selecting and using the right tools and equipment for each assigned task is essential to success, as is ongoing care, cleaning and maintenance of those tools and equipment. As the U. In many cases, hygienic cleaning is a necessary step to maintain an efficient, clean and code-compliant processing facility—one that controls internal hygiene, mitigates cross-contamination at every step and documents the cleanliness of the process.

Any modern kitchen should have high-quality equipment, utensils, and cooking appliances. Kitchen equipment help you to prepare, store and serve various types of foods. For better results, you must properly care for your kitchen equipment.

Tips for Maintaining Kitchen Equipment

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Care of equipment and utensils

Commercial cleaning best practices include establishing guidelines for cleaning your restaurant and restaurant equipment, as well as for training employees on the cleaning and sanitizing of kitchen tools and equipment. Management should also engage in best practices by outlining a daily, weekly and monthly commercial kitchen cleaning schedule. Wondering where to begin when it comes to the question of how to clean a restaurant kitchen? Say good-bye to your dirty restaurant kitchen and hello to a sparkling clean operation with these restaurant cleaning procedures and commercial kitchen maintenance tips. Under-sink grease traps and inceptors should be cleaned at least every week in order to keep things running smoothly. Routine cleaning will prevent plugging of the sewer line.

Maintaining your kitchen equipment properly can save you and your business a lot of money in the long run. Many restaurants and food service industry businesses in New Jersey neglect to maintain even their best equipment, leading to shorter lifespans and greater expenses incurred from calling a professional kitchen repair service. Here are a few good tips for you to maintain your kitchen equipment and keep it in top working order.

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