Gate verbal and numerical ability pdf

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gate verbal and numerical ability pdf

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The official website of GATE is now live i. You can also download them for your reference at any time.

[PDF] GATE 2022 General Aptitude – Syllabus, Books & Paper Pattern

The official website of GATE is now live i. You can also download them for your reference at any time. The General Aptitude section is common to all papers. This section includes questions based on Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability.

Choose the appropriate answer to complete the following sentence:. Options: A intrepidity B inevitability C inability D inertness. Read the following paragraph:. For measuring temperature below —40F, thermometers filled with alcohol are used. These are, however, not satisfactory for use in high temperatures. When a mercury thermometer is used for temperature above F, the space above the mercury is filled with some inert gas, usually, nitrogen or carbon dioxide, placed in the thermometer under pressure.

As the mercury rises, the gas pressure is increased, so that it is possible to use these thermometers for temperatures as high as F. Download the PDF and start your preparation. Aspirants of GATE Entrance Exam must follow a consistent study plan and make notes of the formulas and other important points to memorize them better.

Schedule the whole preparation plan in a way that you get enough time for revision. Support: support embibe. General: info embibe. AE: Aerospace Engineering. AG: Agricultural Engineering. XE-A: Engineering Mathematics. AR: Architecture and Planning. XE-B: Fluid Mechanics. BM: Biomedical Engineering. XE-C: Materials Science. BT: Biotechnology. XE-D: Solid Mechanics. CE: Civil Engineering. XE-E: Thermodynamics. CH: Chemical Engineering.

CS: Computer Sc. XE-G: Food Technology. CY: Chemistry. EC: Electronics and Communication Engg. XH-B1: Reasoning and Comprehension. EE: Electrical Engineering. XH-C1: Economics. ES: Environmental Science and Engineering. XH-C2: English. EY: Ecology and Evolution. XH-C3: Linguistics. GG: Geology and Geophysics. XH-C4: Philosophy.

IN: Instrumentation Engineering. XH-C5: Psychology. MA: Mathematics. XH-C6: Sociology. ME: Mechanical Engineering. XL-P: Chemistry. MN: Mining Engineering.

XL-Q: Biochemistry. MT: Metallurgical Engineering. XL-R: Botany. PE: Petroleum Engineering. XL-S: Microbiology. PH: Physics. XL-T: Zoology. PI: Production and Industrial Engineering.

XL-U: Food Technology. ST: Statistics. What is the syllabus for GATE? GATE syllabus varies depending upon the branch and course. You can download the specific syllabus from the direct links provided on this page. These subject-specific pdfs have been provided on this page as links. You can click on the link to know the result.

General Aptitude

Updated on Feb 1, by Akash Tomer The key to succeeding in the exam is to aware of the complete GATE syllabus. While the GATE syllabus will give candidates an idea about the important topics, the exam pattern will help them to understand the type of questions and marking scheme in the GATE question paper. Questions in the general aptitude section aim to test the verbal and numerical ability of the aspirant. As the GATE syllabus has been released, candidates can check the syllabus by clicking on the respective paper to view the detailed curriculum for the exam.

May 10th, , PM. Last edited by Aakashd; May 18th, at PM. May 12th, , AM. Re: GATE aptitude questions and answers pdf. Numerical Ability: Numerical computation, numerical estimation, numerical reasoning and data interpretation.

3 GATE GA Syllabus [PDF]; 4 GATE General Aptitude (GA) – Books; 5 GATE Total Information GATE General Aptitude (Verbal & Numerical Ability).

Made Easy reasoning and aptitude book PDF

Verbal ability book for gate Verbal ability verbal ability book for gate is an important section of most of the competitive exams. It verbal ability book for gate contains different types of verbal ability book for gate questions which are intended to judge abilities in word verbal ability book for gate power, sentence correction, spotting- errors- 2 and verbal reasoning. Preparation verbal ability book for gate ideas verbal ability book for gate for ga section in gate exam. The general aptitude section accounts to 15 marks and consists of 10 questions.

People who possess a high level of verbal skills often excel in fields such as writing author, journalist, editor, critic , teaching language, drama , the legal profession judge, barrister, lawyer and personnel work advocate, human resources, counsellor and as actors, psychologists, interpreters and interviewers. Because of this it is argued that command of vocabulary is an essential measure of intelligence, with the result that verbal tests are widely used in IQ testing. Verbal reasoning tests are designed to measure basic verbal aptitude. Typically such tests include spelling, grammar, word meanings, completing sentences, synonyms words that are the same or similar in meaning to each other and antonyms words that are opposite in meaning to each other. The exercises that follow test basic verbal aptitude in a number of disciplines, including synonyms, antonyms, analogy, odd one out and verbal comprehension.

GATE Aptitude Syllabus 2021 - General Aptitude Syllabus Pdf Download

Each GA paper consists of 10 questions of 15 marks.


The GATE syllabus is broad and includes various topics and subjects. The syllabus of every subject is divided into two major parts. General Aptitude and the Core subject. The General Aptitude part consists of 10 questions with a total of 15 marks and the engineering mathematics and core subjects have 55 questions with a total of 85 marks. Even though the General Aptitude portion is very less in the syllabus, it is still an important part of the examination. People usually tend to neglect this part of the syllabus.

Each GA paper consists of 10 questions of 15 marks. GATE is a computer-based test conducted to screen the candidates either to offer admission into M. GATE result to be declared on March GATE answer key objection closed.

The syllabus for the General Aptitude section is similar in all the subjects. The section is divided into Verbal Ability and Numerical Ability. There are general topics under both parts. A total of 10 questions will be asked in this section. Candidates can further check all the details regarding the exam pattern, marking scheme, and syllabus of GA.

General Aptitude (Numerical and Verbal Ability) [PDF] By ACE Engineering Acade [PDF] Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment Notes for GATE RRB SSC.


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