Star trek blueprints and pdf

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star trek blueprints and pdf

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I love these blueprints. Hopefully we will get make the sickbay, observation lounge and the ten forward. See More by radishdalek.

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Star Trek. Class G from Enterprise A. Clydesdale class Tug. Danube Class Runabout. Delta Flyer. Janeway Executive Shuttle. Travel Pod. Type 10 Chaffee for Defiant. Type 11 for Insurrection. Type 12 for Defiant. Type 16 from Enterprise D. Type 6 from Enterprise D. Type 7 from Enterprise D. Type 8 from Voyager.

Type 9 from Voyager. USS Enterprise. ARGO for Nemesis. Ajax Class. Akira Class. Andor Class. Aquarius Class. Asia Class Refit. Asia Masao 2 Class. Barracuda Class. Blackbird Class. Bolivar Class. Boreth Class.

Bremen Class. Caesar Class. Cardassian Battle Cruiser. Centauri Sentri Class. Deep Space Nine. Detroit Class. Drazi Sunhawk. Eagle Class. Eagle Discovery Class. Eclipse Class. Enterprise B. Enterprise NCCD. Enterprise Side. Explorer Class. Federation Class. Franklin Class. Greer Class heavy Destroyer. Hannibal Class. Hanseatic Class. Hercules Class. Himalaya Class. Himalaya Class Modified. Hydra Class. Hyperion Class.

ID4 City. ID4 MOM. Jem Hadar Attack Cruiser. Kelvin Type Ship Star trek Movie Kremlin Class. Lakat Class. Lancelot Class. Lincoln Class. Lincoln Class Refit. Mauretania Class. Mercury Class. Meteor Class. Minbari Flyer.

Mosquito Class. NCC A. NCC B. NCC Narn Star Cruiser. Neptune Class. Newton Class. Oberth Class. Omega Class Destroyer. Pacifica Class. Patria Class. Prudence Class. R4 Class. Ramses Class. Resolute Class. Romulan Bop. Roosevelt Class. San Francisco Class. Seleya Class. Shogun Class. Shuttlecraft Delta Flyer. Sirius Class. Sparta Type. Splendor Class. Tanganyika Class. Tenichtitlan Class. Trident Class. USS Akira. USS Defiant.

USS Enterprise B. USS Enterprise Excelsior. USS Enterprise Refit. USS Enterprise Sovereign. USS Ticonderoga Promixa class battleship. USS Victoious.

Star Trek The Next Generation Officers Manual Pdf

Discussion in ' Fan Art ' started by sojourner , Oct 2, Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Every Star Trek Blueprint in existence!?! Joined: Dec 9, Location: Out West. It's been a while, but I've just posted a new update to the site

Star Trek Technical Manuals are a number of both official and fan-produced works detailing the technology of the fictional Star Trek universe; most pertain to starship design, though others target equipment used in the various Star Trek television series and films. Franz Joseph Schnaubelt published the original Star Fleet Technical Manual in ; since then other manuals have been created by fans and professional artists alike to chronicle the increasing variety of both canon and noncanon vessels and gear. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise and Worlds of the Federation after making his own self-produced blueprints. Two manual creators moved from making blueprints to helping shape the look of the shows themselves. Rick Sternbach became an official illustrator for the franchise's first theatrical release , and later worked for the series Next Generation , Deep Space Nine and Voyager ; he went on to contribute to the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine technical manuals from Pocket Books. For details on out-of-universe reference books see List of Star Trek reference books.

Authors' note: We will occasionally step out of the Star Trek scenario for a Rick then draws up the final plans (using conventional drawing tools), which are.

Star Trek NCC-1701-D USS Enterprise Blueprints

Here are some Star Trek books. True Star Trek fans will know exactly what these are! Contact me if interested show contact info Star Trek Mr. As the line progressed, many of the designers wished to push content toward a more militaristic view of Starfleet. A new officer, Ensign Ro, is enlisted to track down a band of Bajoran terrorists.

Star Trek. Class G from Enterprise A. Clydesdale class Tug. Danube Class Runabout. Delta Flyer.

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Without another word he went to do her bidding. Full of diagrams, technical schematics, and ships plans, the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual also takes a detailed look at the principles behind Star Trek s awesome technology -- from phasers to warp drive to the incredible holodeck. His mind went back to the quayside in Harwich when he sensed a rift between Marlborough and his wife. He had on a black leather jacket and sunglasses. He smiled at me as he held open the door. So I did what she said and left it alone.

There are 31 active users currently online. Search this site powered by FreeFind. Star Trek Blueprints. Enterprise Space Cruiser. Starship U. Enterprise Construction Plans.

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Category, x, F, T, R, S. A Starfleet and Klingon Starship Troop Carrier, Science fiction, x Vector Drawing, ARGO for Nemesis, Other, Vector Drawing.

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