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collins french dictionary and grammar pdf

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Explore a new genre. Burn through a whole series in a weekend.

Collins Robert French Dictionary (PDF)

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Their contributions have been invaluable in the writing of this book. CONTENTS Foreword for language teachers V Introduction for students Glossary of grammar terms vi vill Nouns 1 Using nouns Gender Forming plurals 1 2 9 Articles Different types of article The definite article: le, la, l' and les The indefinite article: un, une and des The partitive article: du, de la, de l'and des Adjectives 't9 22 25 Using adjectives Making adiectives agree Word order with adjectives Comparatives and superlatives of adjectives Demonstrative adjectives: ce, cette, cet and ces Possessive adjectives Indefinite adjectives Pronouns Personal pronouns: subject Personal pronouns: direct object Personal pronouns: indirect object 12 12 13 25 27 32 34 37 39 4'l 42 The text specifically targets learners from ab initio to intermediate or CCSE level, and therefore its structural content and vocabulary have been matched to the relevant specifications up to and including Higher CCSE.

The approach aims to develop knowledge and understanding of grammar and your learners' ability to apply it by: r defining parts of speech at the start of each major section with examples in English to clarify concepts e minimizing the use of grammar terminology and providing clear explanations of terms both within the text and in the Glossary ' o illustrating all points with examples and their translations based on topics and contexts which are relevant to beginner and intermediate course content The text helps you develop positive attitudes to grammar learning in your classes by: 17'l " Numbers Time and date Some common difficulties The alphabet Main index Verb tables Verb index FOREWORD FOR LANGUAGE TEACHERS Note on trademarks Entered words which we have reason to believe constitute trademarks have been designated as such.

However, neither the presence nor the absence of such designation should be regarded as affecting the legal status of any trademark.

This easy-to-use guide takes you through all the basics you will need to speak and understand modern, everyday French. Newcomers can sometimes struggle with the technical terms they come across when they start to explore the grammar of a new language. The text is divided into sections, each dealing with a particular area of grammar. Each section can be studied individually, as numerous crossreferences in the text point you to relevant points in other sections of the book for further information.

Every major section begins with an explanation of the area of grammar covered on the following pages. For quick reference, these definitions are also collected together on pages viii-xii in a glossary of essential grammar terms.

What is a verb? A verb is a 'doing' word which describes what someone or something does, what someone or something is, or what happens to them, for rtp lf you are in doubt as to which form of you use vous and you will not offend anybody.

These are intended for advanced students who are interested in knowing a little more about the structures they will come across beyond CCSE.

Orammar Extra! Each grammar point in the text is followed by simple examples of real French, complete with English translations, helping you understand the rules. Underlining has been used in examples throughout the text to highlight the grammatical point being explained. Tourne la tete i gauche. J'ai mal d la gorge.

Turn your head to the left. He's broken his arm. Tips and Information notes throughout the text are useful reminders of the things that often trip learners up.

Examples show you how to use these verbs in your own work. We hope that you will enjoy using the Eosy Learning French Grqmmor and fnd it useful in the course of your study. Compare with concrete example, wolk, have, be, go. Compare with infinitive. Compare with ordinal noun. ADVERB a word usually used with verbs, adjectives or other adverbs that gives more information about when, where, how or in what circumstances something happens, for example, quickly, happily now. AGREE to to change word endings according to whether you are referring to masculine, feminine, singular or plural people or things.

See also definite article, indefinite article and partitive article. Compare with abstract noun. CONIUGATE to to give a verb different endings according to whether you are referring to I, you, they and so on, and according to whether you are referring to past present or future, for example, I hove, she had, they will hove. Compare with vowel. Compare with indefinite article.

Compare with indirect window? IMPERFECT one of the verb tenses used to talk about the pasf especially in descriptions, and to say what was happening or used to happen, for example, I used to walk to school; It was sunny at the weekend. Compare object. Compare with indirect object pronoun. Compare with definite article. For example, in I gove the carrot to the robbit, the rqbbitis the indirect object and carrot is the direct object.

Compare with direct object. Compare with regular verb. NEGATIVE a question or statement which contains a word such as not, never or nothing, and is used to say that something is not happening, not true or is absenf for example, is I never eat meot; Don't you love me?

Some past participles are also used as adjectives, NOUN a'naming'word for a living being, thing or idea, for example, for exampfe, a broken watch. He gave me q book womary desk, hoppiness, Andrew. Compare with direct object pronoun. Compare with base form. See also ordinal number and cardinal number. OBTECT a noun or pronoun which refers to a person or thing that is affected by the action described by the verb.

Compare with direct obiect, indirect object and subject. Compare with subject pronoun. Compare with cardinal number. Compare with singular. Compare with imperfect. PERSON one of the three classes: the first person 1, we , the second person you singular and you plural , and the third person he, she, it and they. Prepositions show how people and things relate to the rest of the sentence, for example, She's of home; a tool fel cutting gross; lt's from Dovid.

PRONOUN a word which you use instead of a noun, when you do not need or want to name someone or something directly, for example, lf, you, none. Proper nouns are always written with a capitaf letter, for example, Kevin, Glasgow, Europe, London Eye. A reflexive verb is used with a reflexive pronoun such as myself, yourself, herself, for example, word such as l, he, she and theywhich carries out the action described by the verb.

Pronouns stand in for nouns when it is clear who is being talked about, for example, My brother isn't here ot the moment.

He'll be back in an hour. Compare with object pronoun. Compare with irregular verb. In writing, a sentence has a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop, question mark or exclamation mark at the end.

Compare with plural. STEM the main part of a verb to which endings are added. A noun is a 'naming'word for a living being, thing or idea, for example, womont happiness, Andrew. Using nouns D In French, all nouns are either masculine or feminine. This is called their gender. Even words for things have a gender. D Whenever you are using a noun, you need to know whether it is mascullne or feminine as this affects the form of other words used with it, such as: o adiectives that describe it o articles such as le or une that go before it.

When you come across a new noun, always learn the word for the or o that goes with it to help you remember its gender. The singular is the form of the noun you will usually find when you look a noun up in the dictionary. As in English, nouns in French change their form in the plural. TENSE the form of a verb which shows whether you are referring to the past, present or future.

VERB a 'doing'word which describes what someone or something does, what someone or something is, or pages 25, 12 D You can find information about gender by looking the word up in a leqst interesting. Adjectives, articles and pronouns are also affected by whether a noun singular or plural.

VOWEL one of the letters o, e, i, o or u. Compare with consonant. Remember that you have to use the right word for the, o and so on according to the gender of the French noun. In French too there are sometimes separate words for male and female animals. Just learn the French word with its gender, which is always the same. Some words for people have only one possible gender, whether they refer to a male or a female. In French, very often the ending of a noun changes depending on whether it refers to a man or a woman.

As things do not divide into sexes the way humans and animals do, there are no physical clues to help you with their gender in French.

Collins French dictionary plus grammar

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Collins French dictionary plus grammar

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This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 71, Pages: Fllftarnin- o"'..

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