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the elephant and the rider pdf

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The Elephant and the Rider

Every now and then I come across a metaphor that really sticks and helps me think differently about something I see every day. The metaphor helps me look at these situations with a new lens, and, as a result, think, feel, and act more effectively. This time, the metaphor is the Elephant and the Rider. I especially like this metaphor because it paints a powerful picture of a little rider, either at the mercy of the elephant or directing the elephant to make great things happen. The big take away here is that change can come easily when Elephants and Riders move together. Our brain has two systems at work — an emotional side and a rational side. Dan and Chip write:.

Here is a summary of each chapter. You can read the introduction and a few chapters as PDF files by clicking on the highlighted links. Words of wisdom flood over us. Which ones can transform us? A brief introduction to why this book was written, how the ten ideas were chosen, and what lies ahead. For what the flesh desires is opposed to the Spirit, and what the Spirit desires is opposed to the flesh These two parts are like a rider on the back of an elephant.

Navigating conflict and difference in medical education: insights from moral psychology

Pick up the key ideas in the book with this quick summary. Have you ever seriously considered what makes us happy? However, despite the massive human effort to discover the key to happiness, the fundamental questions remain: What is happiness? And how can it be achieved? Throughout history, there have been many different popular ideas about what constitutes happiness.

The elephant and the rider. Imagine it. More than just a powerful, majestic image, this is a really helpful metaphor for how we all think and act. Psychology researcher and professor at the University of Virginia, Jonathan Haidt, coined this concept in his book, The Happiness Hypothesis , as follows:. Over many generations, we have developed sophisticated instincts for survival. These instincts are critical for our most base needs in life and have been deeply wired into how we act. These instincts, and the emotions that come with them, are represented by the Elephant : powerful, strong, and impulsive.

How You Can Use the Elephant and the Rider to Motivate Your Team

In it, Haidt poses several "Great Ideas" on happiness espoused by thinkers of the past— Plato , Buddha , Jesus , and others—and examines them in the light of contemporary psychological research, extracting from them any lessons that still apply to our modern lives. Central to the book are the concepts of virtue, happiness , fulfillment, and meaning. The Introduction first explains that the author's goal is to reduce the infinite 'wisdom' accessible to modern people into 10 great ideas, one per chapter. The remainder of the Introduction provides a concise preview of those ten chapters as follows. The first chapter describes how each person has two parts: the primitive part, which includes our basic instincts; and the highly evolved part, which tries to control the instincts.

The Happiness Hypothesis Summary and Review

The Happiness Hypothesis Summary and Review

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Medical students and educators face a myriad of complex moral disagreements and conflicts both in preclinical and clinical training environments. Inability to deal with these conflicts effectively and compassionately can lead to undesirable consequences and threaten important relationships in high-stakes healthcare environments. We suggest that the integration of moral psychology into medical education can help trainees and faculty constructively respond to behavior they may find immoral or misguided. Here we focus on the application of Moral Foundations Theory MFT , which demonstrates how the instantaneous gut reactions which guide reactionary behavior can be categorized into six foundational categories. These categories offer psychological explanations for human behavior which can help medical trainees and professionals navigate challenging moral conflicts. Peer Review reports. Political, social, and cultural divisions are as visible now as ever both in society and in healthcare [ 1 ].

LEADERSHIP BRIEF. The Elephant, the Rider and the Path. What is the Elephant the Rider and the Path? This is an analogy of human psychology and change1.

The Happiness Hypothesis


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