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facility and property management pdf

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Register now or log in to join your professional community. Simply put - If it moves its the responsibility of the Facilities Team, if it doesn't it belongs to the property team.

But buildings are full of opportunities for growth, from handling repairs and maintenance for one building to managing a whole portfolio. The two areas have a lot in common, but there are some distinct differences that you should be aware of as you chart the course of your career. Many facility and property manager duties overlap. But there are some distinct differences.

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Their title may be the same, but their scope of duties can vary dramatically. To understand how these two differ, we need to look at the difference between property management and facility management. One deals with the building; the other deals with the people and processes in it. Property managers focus on the building itself. For example, if the building owner decides to remodel, the property manager will oversee this reinvestment and be responsible for coordinating with tenants and the renovation team. A good property manager keeps the peace between the tenant and the landlord, while seeing that the needs of the building at large are met. A facility manager puts the people and processes of the business first.

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Optimise costs, and continuously improve and innovate your property and asset management services through process improvement, deployment of disruptive technologies and changes to operating models. Employ technology and expertise to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and deliver a workplace experience that attracts top talent for maximum productivity. Supplement your in-house facilities team with a scalable menu of services, choosing only what you need to enhance existing skills. Increase purchasing power and productivity. Operate buildings efficiently to create a productive environment for tenants and employees.

With more buildings and companies springing up in cities across the country, and more educational programs to help you advance in the field, now is the perfect time to pivot to a fruitful career in facilities management. Also known as FM, facilities management is a combination of many disciplines which maintain and balance the supply and demand of services, supplies, and equipment for organizations. It can refer to hardware facilities like central heating, air equipment, and lighting fixtures. It can also refer to non-equipment resources like staff management, grounds maintenance, and security services. Hard FM refers to services relating to the actual structures and systems that make a facility work, and can include fire safety, plumbing, structural, and elevator maintenance.

Property Manager vs. Facilities Manager - CXRE Commercial

Which do you need for your commercial property or properties? Most importantly, what makes a good property manager or facilities manager? In order to choose the best services for your building, you need to understand the functions and responsibilities of both facilities managers and property managers.

To an extent, the mix-up is understandable, since the three titles certainly sound similar. But when it comes to actual roles and responsibilities, there are significant differences. Sure, there might be a bit of overlap in certain organizations, but for the most part, the jobs have little in common except for the word manager in the title.

Property managers: one of these jobs is not like the others

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What is different between Facility Management & Property Management?

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