Explain about plc and its major components pdf

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explain about plc and its major components pdf

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PLC Architecture and Types: With Comparison Table

A programmable logic controller PLC is a small, sturdy industrial computer designed for control of automated industrial processes and machines. PLCs are used almost everywhere. They are most frequently used in factories and industrial plants to control pumps, motors, lights, circuit breakers, fans, and other machinery. In everyday life, these controllers are utilized in elevators, automatic car washes, traffic signals, amusement park rides, among other equipment that we otherwise take for granted. The reliability, control, and ease of programming that a PLC provides while functioning in harsh conditions make it a practical choice for many applications.

PLCs are general-purpose microprocessor based controllers that provide logic, timing, counting, and analog control with network communications capability. A PLC consists of the required quantities of the following types of modules or cards, mounted on a common physical support and electrical interconnection structure known as a rack. The power supply converts facility electrical distribution voltage, such as VAC, VAC or VDC to signal level voltage used by the plc processor and other modules. The processor module contains the microprocessor that performs control functions and computations, as well as the memory required to store the program. These modules provide the means of connecting the processor to the field devices. Examples of these modules are Analog Input Module, Analog output module, Digital input module, Digital output module etc. These are used to connect devices between plc and field devices like flow transmitters, pressure transmitters, control valves, analyzers, substation feeders for motor control etc.

Electrical A2Z. Since then, the PLC industry has grown such that no medium to a large-scale manufacturing facility in the United States can function efficiently without them. It has created a multi-billion dollar a year industry. This includes not only sales, but also installation, programming, and field service jobs. It has impacted our lives as much as the modern personal computer or cell phone. A good technician must have an understanding of how a PLC controls automation in a plant or process to do their job. This resource will provide a basic understanding of how a PLC was developed, internal parts and software programming.

PLC: Industrial Applications of Programmable Logic Controller

PLC plays a vital role in various industries due to ease of controlling different units in an industry with a simple programming logic control. A programmable logic controller is first programmed as per the desired operations and after programming it is attached to an industrial unit. It can include simple push buttons as well as dedicated automatic switches. The PLC can be used to control a single appliance to a huge industrial plant automatically. Different set of instructions are provided to a PLC unit and as per the provided set of instructions the PLC functions. Each programming technique has its own benefits and drawbacks. PLC provides ease of programming, ease of wiring, ease of changing and ease of installations.

Identify the major components of a PLC and describe their functions Identify the proper manual to refer to for programming or installation of an S PLC.

PLC Programmable Logic Controller Hardware Components | PLC Hardware Basics

The term PLC architecture refers to the design specification of the various PLC hardware and software components and the how they interact with one another to form the overall PLC system. The architecture of a PLC is based on the same principles of that used in standard computer architecture. However, PLC architecture does differ because the design is based around providing high reliability, immunity to harsh industrial environment, ease of maintenance and access to large amounts of peripheral inputs and outputs. If a PLC system is described as having closed architecture it refers to a proprietary system of hardware and software components that cannot or is difficult to connect to other manufacturers components and software. It is made up of a control unit and processor.

In the most basic terms, a programmable logic controller PLC is a computer with a microprocessor but has no keyboard, mouse or monitor. It is essentially built to withstand very harsh industrial environments. It is a distinctive form of computer device designed for use in industrial control systems. It has a robust construction and unique functional features such as sequential control, ease of programming, timers and counters, easy-to-use hardware and reliable controlling capabilities. It is designed to be enormously robust, so it could withstand harsh industrial environments such as extreme temperatures, vigorous vibrations, humidity and electrical noise.

Due to its robust construction, exceptional functional features like PID controllers , sequential control, timers and counters, ease of programming, reliable controlling capabilities and ease of hardware usage — this PLC is more than a special-purpose digital computer in industries as well as in other control-system areas. Therefore, in the subsequent paragraphs, let us study about PLCs and their types. PLC is invented to replace traditional control panels whose operations depend on the electromagnetic logic relays that are based on timers in industrial control systems.

PLC stands for programmable logic control. It is computer designed to be used in industry. It controls the different process and is programmed According to the operational requirement of that process.

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What is a PLC System – Different Types of PLCs with Applications

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