Ntsa driving signs and instructions pdf

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ntsa driving signs and instructions pdf

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These Rules apply to driving schools, driving instructors and to Application the issuance of driving licenses in Kenya.

When you attend for your driving test, you will be asked to identify a selection of road signs and to answer a selection of questions on the Rules of the Road. To help with your preparation, Ladybird Driving Lessons Dublin has produced this helpful guide which includes some of the more popular questions and answers. Get Our Prices 01 We have also included some additional questions without answers to test your knowledge. If Pelican crossings on either side of the central island are not in a straight line staggered , they count as two separate crossings.

The model town board – master it and you will pass the Kenyan driving test

Instructors use the board to pull together all the separate pieces of knowledge that learners are expected to master. Examiners use it during the theory test to help determine whether a student may proceed to the practical test on the actual road. You should therefore master it in order to have a chance of passing the test and eventually driving down the road legally. Measuring 4ft by 3ft it is not clear why we continue these legacy measurement units half a century after we banished the colonial period where the prop originated , the model town board is a table-top prop whose surface is marked with representations of one and two way roads, some of which have multiple lanes. These roads are connected with a series junctions and a large multi-lane roundabout. Pointedly, the roads and lanes are marked with a combination of solid and broken lines, some of which are white and others yellow.


While everyone in Kenya has the right to access any road, they must act responsibly to ensure safety. One way of ensuring road users remain safe, avoid conflicts between one another, and minimise risks is to know and understand the rules and guidelines contained in the Highway Code. Essentially, it is a guide for learners, new, and experienced drivers on safe driving. The Highway Code in Kenya also acts as a training guide for drivers to ensure they are well equipped with the right knowledge of handling their vehicles and acting appropriately while on Kenyan motorways. It is available for download to anyone who is interested. Everyone needs to know its importance, and how it contributes to road safety in Kenya. As noted, the Highway Code is a set of rules and guidelines on how to use Kenyan roads.

See more ideas about road signs, signs, traffic signs pins. In fact, without a sign to identify a business location, the money spent on other media is largely wasted. Branding Your Business On-premise signs are a form of commercial advertising. Sometimes, it is the only indication of a business' location. Among retail businesses, it is the most ubiquitous of all advertising options. The topic of road signs encompasses all signs you see along the side of the road, from informative signs to warning and directive signs, but it also includes turn signals, traffic lights and even curb markings.

ntsa driving school app is an app consisting of essential notes with all the knowledge of driving and road signs mainly in kenya. It consists of: road signs.

100 Driving School Questions and Answers to Pass NTSA Test in Kenya

It is important to understand the road signs in Kenya if you want to be considered a good road user. Driving schools are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that all road users, especially motorists know and understand these signs. Some of the common road signs on Kenyan roads are impossible to miss. The red triangle is an indicator of an unseen danger ahead.

Driving guide book in kenya pdf The sign within a red driving guide book in kenya pdf driving guide book in kenya pdf triangle. It warns of hazard that driving guide book in kenya pdf is not yet visible e. G a bend or hill. Red circle shows what you must not do. The blue driving guide book in kenya pdf circle shows what you must do.

The Traffic (Driving Schools, Driving Instructors and Driving Licences) Rules, 2018

Road Signs Pdf

Road safety is a serious issue in Kenya, with approximately 3, people dying every year and many more seriously injured as result of road traffic accidents. Over 90 percent of accidents result from human error, it is therefore very important that drivers are provided with sufficient education and skills to enable them to use roads safely. To address this situation the National Transport Safety Authority has developed this new curriculum for the training and testing of drivers. The curriculum has been designed to address the different needs of drivers depending on the vehicles they use. Consequently it has been split into several modules that provide guidance for the training and testing of drivers of motorcycles, light vehicles, public service vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

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Below is a list of driving school test Questions and Answers to help you pass your NTSA test and get your driving license approved or issued in Kenya. These are lights which are switched on when it is getting dark. They are also switched on for a short distance viewing of oncoming vehicles. These are vehicle lights that flash at the front and back of the car. They are switched on when they is a hazard or danger. These are lights that are used to provide signals to other users when changing lanes, reversing and parking.

This book will help learners prepare for the rider licence exam and also enable NTSA 5 UNIT 1: INTRODUCTION TO DRIVING Motor vehicles are an There are two types of traffic signals; hand signals and light signals • Traffic signs are.

Australian Road Signs | Driver Knowledge Test

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Highway code in Kenya: All you need to know