Single and double acting reciprocating pump pdf

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single and double acting reciprocating pump pdf

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Reciprocating pumps, like reciprocating compressors, require inlet and outlet valves to ensure the liquid always travels from inlet to outlet. The valves are non-return valves, for a very dynamic application.

US20050163642A1 - Double-acting, high pressure cryogenic pump - Google Patents

Reciprocating pump is a hydraulic machine which converts the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. It does this work by sucking liquid into a cylinder containing a reciprocating piston which exerts a thrust force on the liquid and increases its hydraulic energy pressure energy of liquid. It is a type of positive displacement pump which consists of piston or plunger. Piston is present in a cylinder in which it does reciprocating motion. It is used at a place where relatively small amount of water is to be delivered at higher pressure.

Reciprocating Pump: Definition, Parts, Working, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages [PDF]

This pressure differential pushes the fluid from inside the cavity through the outlet of the pump. Action 4: The piston reaches its maximum extension into the cavity. With a double acting pump, the output pulsation is much less than the single acting. Double-acting reciprocating pump engage with both sides of the piston, each stroke of the piston carries out both suction and expulsion at … The next action repeats the process, starting again with action 1. The process of how a reciprocating pump works can be seen here in action from start to finish:Reciprocating pumps are different from Centrifugal pumps on basis of its working, features, applications etc.

In this article, you will learn about the Reciprocating pump, its Definition, Main Parts, Types, working principle, and the difference between the reciprocating and centrifugal pump. In this pump, a piston is reciprocating, which uses thrust on the liquid and increases its hydraulic energy. Because it discharges a definite quantity of liquid. It is often used where a small quantity of liquid is to handled and where delivery pressure is quite large. Read also: What is Centrifugal Pump?

In industry, reciprocating pumps are of many sizes and designs. Their operation is similar With a double acting pump, the output pulsation is much less than the single acting. In theory, a Source:​.


Reciprocating pumps are used where the delivery pressure of the fluid is quite large. In this article, we will discuss on Single-acting Reciprocating Pump. As the name itself indicates that it has a single component of the suction valve, delivery valve, suction pipe, and delivery pipe along with a single-piston. Reciprocating Pump is a Positive Displacement type pump that works on the principle of movement of the piston in forwarding and backward directions whereas the Centrifugal pump uses the kinetic energy of the impeller to supply the liquid from one place to another place. Reciprocating pumps are in use where a certain quantity of fluid mostly sump has to be transported from the lowest region to the highest region by the application of pressure.

A plunger pump operates using the reciprocating motion of plungers or pistons. Depending on the design of the pump, the use of a single or multiple plungers may be used. Action 1: The plunger or piston is pulled back.

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