Fungal laccases and their applications in bioremediation pdf

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fungal laccases and their applications in bioremediation pdf

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Metrics details. The global rise in urbanization and industrial activity has led to the production and incorporation of foreign contaminant molecules into ecosystems, distorting them and impacting human and animal health. Physical, chemical, and biological strategies have been adopted to eliminate these contaminants from water bodies under anthropogenic stress.

Laccases: structure, function, and potential application in water bioremediation

Present study reports the validation oxidation of computationally predicted oxidation of xenobiotic contaminants by commercially available pure laccase from Trametes versicolor. Selected contaminants were predicted as potential targets for laccase oxidation by using in-silico docking tool. Sinapic acid and tyrosine were taken as positive and negative controls, respectively. Oxidation was observed in m-chlorophenol, 2,4 di-chlorophenol, 2,4,6 tri-chlorophenol, captan, atrazine and thiodicarb, except malathion, which showed no activity. It could be speculated that the predicted substrates showing oxidation shared homology at structural and chemical level with positive control compounds.

Laccases are a family of copper-containing oxidases with important applications in bioremediation and other various industrial and biotechnological areas. There have been over two dozen reviews on laccases since covering various aspects of this group of versatile enzymes, from their occurrence, biochemical properties, and expression to immobilization and applications. This review is not intended to be all-encompassing; instead, we highlighted some of the latest developments in basic and applied laccase research with an emphasis on laccase-mediated bioremediation of pharmaceuticals, especially antibiotics. Pharmaceuticals are a broad class of emerging organic contaminants that are recalcitrant and prevalent. The recent surge in the relevant literature justifies a short review on the topic. Since low laccase yields in natural and genetically modified hosts constitute a bottleneck to industrial-scale applications, we also accentuated a genus of laccase-producing white-rot fungi, Cerrena , and included a discussion with regards to regulation of laccase expression.

Bioprospecting and biotechnological applications of fungal laccase

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Fungal Laccases and Their Applications in Bioremediation

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Laccase belongs to a small group of enzymes called the blue multicopper oxidases, having the potential ability of oxidation. It belongs to enzymes, which have innate properties of reactive radical production, but its utilization in many fields has been ignored because of its unavailability in the commercial field. There are diverse sources of laccase producing organisms like bacteria, fungi and plants. In fungi, laccase is present in Ascomycetes, Deuteromycetes, Basidiomycetes and is particularly abundant in many white-rot fungi that degrade lignin. Laccases can degrade both phenolic and non-phenolic compounds.


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Laccases in Food Industry: Bioprocessing, Potential Industrial and Biotechnological Applications

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