Oecd science technology and industry scoreboard 2009 pdf

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oecd science technology and industry scoreboard 2009 pdf

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How can innovation help to solve environmental and social threats? How are countries tackling these challenges? The Scoreboard includes more than internationally comparable quality indicators to explore the progress of national innovation strategies and recent developments in science, technology and industry. These pages also contain links to the data in Excel format.

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Erasmo Escala - Santiago, Chile. Jordi Poch Universitat de Girona. The value of innovation requires organizations to develop internal technological capabilities and knowledge capacity. Discussion of how it can be due to different circumstances surrounding innovation and its effects in the long run , the fact that companies are far from the technological frontier and weak or no incentives to invest in innovation arises.

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News briefing: 24/31 December 2009

Published in: Telecommunications Policy. This paper uses a new set of country data for 14 countries, members of the OECD, and a non-parametric approach to provide new evidence on the impact of Information and Communication Technology ICT on labour productivity growth between and For the first time, in the present paper a bootstrap approach for the decomposition of labour productivity change, proposed by Kumar and Russell , is employed. This approach permits to conduct statistical inference on the parameters of interest, and to analyse the effects of ICT technologies on capital accumulation. The results confirm the role of ICT as a general purpose technology that needs organizational and business process changes to fully exploit its growth opportunities. The paper also finds out, by applying a non-parametric test, that ICT technologies positively contribute to the generation of convergence clubs in the evolution of labour productivity. Finally, the empirical evidence offers some basic guidance for future policy intervention in supporting ICT capital investments.

The indicators of the STI Scoreboard show how the digital transformation affects science, innovation, the economy and the way people work and live. It aims.

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The oecd science, technology and industry outlook reviews key trends in sti policies and performance in oecd countries and major emerging economies. Learn how the world bank group is helping countries with covid coronavirus. Oecd science, technology and industry scoreboard publication oecd internet economy outlook publication source database.

Cognición de la Innovación Industrial en América Latina: Avances y Desafíos

Research Library Issues, no. Benchmark your progress and strategies against peers: locally, nationally, and internationally.


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