List of countries and their capitals and currencies and presidents pdf

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list of countries and their capitals and currencies and presidents pdf

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List of Countries, Capitals & Currency

Capital is a municipality enjoying primary status in a country, state, or province. It is usually the seat of the Government or the Governing body. A capital is typically a city that physically encompasses the offices and meeting places of its respective Government. The status as the capital is often designated by its law or constitution.

This article provides a list of Countries and Capitals along with countries that have more than one capital with pictures of their flags which will help you remember it faster. Go through the article to know more about it. Check the following articles to boost your preparations. As the capital cities of their countries, these towns differ greatly in terms of safety, prices, health care, pollution level, and other conditions.

Given below is the list of Countries and Capitals in alphabetical order. Now that you have gone through the list of Countries and their Capitals, you will be stunned to know that there are some countries that have more than one capital.

Go through the next section to know more about it. There are 13 countries in the world which have more than one capital. We have also provided with respective flags that will help the candidate to grasp the knowledge easier. Once you have gone through the entire list of Countries and their Capitals, you can also get to know the currencies of the countries.

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Countries – Capital Currency & Language with Head of Government Name

Read more general awareness articles from a variety of topics in our Target General Studies series, which are especially helpful for exam preparations. The official currency of China is Renminbi. Yuan is the basic unit of Renminbi. This is the district in which Washington is situated. The district of Columbia is not a state, but a federal district which means it is directly under the control of the federal government.

Capitals of Countries, Spanish Countries and Capitals, Currencies of the World

Country, capital and currency- As per the reports, the world is divided into 7 continents comprising of countries. Out of the 7 continents, Antarctica is situated at the South Pole and is uninhabited. Hence, the other 6 continents consist of countries of the world. Asia is the largest continent area wise with the largest population whereas Africa is the continent with the most number of countries in the world.

List of Countries With Their Capitals and Currencies