Distinguish between formal and informal work groups pdf

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distinguish between formal and informal work groups pdf

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Read this article to learn about the features, advantages, disadvantages of formal and informal organization! When the managers are carrying on organising process then as a result of organising process an organisational structure is created to achieve systematic working and efficient utilization of resources.

What Is the Difference Between an Informal & Formal Organization?

A formal organization is one which position, responsibility authority, and accountability of each level is clearly defined. In every organization people forms into informal social groups. The term informal organization refers to those personal and social relations which arise when people associate with one another. The Following are the key difference between formal and informal organization:. Formal organization results on account of a delegation of authority, while informal organization results on account of the social interaction of the people. Formal organization Emphasis on the term of authority and functions. Informal organization Emphasis on people and their relationship.

Distinguish Difference Between Formal and Informal Organisation

People are social creatures, they seek to connect with groups that share their values. There are many types of organizations that form for various reasons. Some organizations are formed to conduct business and generate profit. Other organizations form for social reasons or to perform volunteer work. Businesses and governments are examples of formal organizations. Clubs or social networks are examples of informal organizations. Both types of organizations share many features in common, but they also have meaningful differences.

Formal and Informal Organization: Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Formal vs informal group In an organization, the formation of groups is very natural, whether it is created by the management or by the members of the organizations themselves. The most common reason behind the creation of a group is the urge of people to talk and make their own circle, where they can interact freely, know each other, work unitedly and accomplish the tasks which are being assigned to them. Groups are majorly divided into two categories. First one is the formal groups, which are formed by the organization, to fulfil a task.

An official group has particular structures and roles where responsibilities of members of the group are defined. Activities carried by a formal group have specific guidelines, which members of the group are supposed to adhere to and follow to ensure good coordination. Some of the common formal groups that exist within the organization or community include schools, church, hospitals, government, and civic organizations. An informal group is formed when two or more people come together to accomplish a specific task which is mainly socially geared.

From an organizational point of view, there are basically two types of groups.


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