Indian and world geography questions and answers pdf

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indian and world geography questions and answers pdf

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Chapter 1 Real Numbers Objective Questions; It also includes questions from previous question papers of various competitive exams conducted in India.

World Geography mainly consists of Physical and Political Geography. Daily Practice Quizzes, Attempt Here. Vishnudev Kumar Aug 16, Ankita Patel Aug 16,

1000+ GK Questions & Answers on Indian Geography

World Geography mainly consists of Physical and Political Geography. Daily Practice Quizzes, Attempt Here. Vishnudev Kumar Aug 16, Ankita Patel Aug 16, Vikal Thapa Aug 16, Anky Mishra Aug 16, Ashu Atal Aug 17, Maheswar Mallik Aug 17, Mandeep Kumar Aug 18, Vasudhadwivedi Vasudhadwivedi Aug 27, Raj Kumar Sep 21, Home Other State Exams Article.

Arpit Kumar Jain Read in Hindi. Share via. World Geography Questions and Answers How much per cent of the land area of the earth does the continent of Africa occupy? Answer: 20 per cent of the land area of the earth Of all the continents on the Earth, which continent is the most tropical? Answer: Africa Africa is separated from Europe and Asia by which waterbodies? Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro metres above sea level Which lake in Africa is the source of river Nile?

Answer: River Congo The country of Nigeria is named after which important river? Answer: River Niger Egyptian farmer is called? Answer: Fellah In which year, the Suez Canal was opened for voyages?

Answer: The plateau region of South Africa is covered with grasses called 'the veld'. What is the meaning of Veld? Answer: Veld means 'field' in the Dutch language What was the policy of complete segregation of the non-white people in every sphere of life - political, economic and social in South Africa known as?

Answer: Policy was known as Apartheid Which is the fourth largest continent of the Earth? Answer: The Andes Which is the highest active volcano in the world? Answer: Cotopaxi in Ecuador Name the palm tree of Brazil which yields wax. Answer: Carnuba Name the largest bird of prey found in South America. Answer: Candor Name the two most ancient types of mammals found in South America. Answer: Ant-eater and Armadillos Which grass is grown in South America which maintains the soil fertility and also its consumption fattens the cattle quickly?

Answer: Alfalfa Name the three mixed races of South America. Answer: Brasil Which country of South America is known as the homeland of rubber? Answer: Brazil In Brazil, coffee is generally grown on very large plantations which are called as? Answer: Fazendas Which are the border countries of Argentina? Answer: Australasia Which is the only country in the world which covers the entire continent?

Answer: Australia The Central lowland of Australia is spread from? Answer: the Gulf of Carpentaria in the North to the southern shores of Australia Which is the highest peak of Australia? Answer: Mt. Kosciusko Which are the primary physical divisions of Australia? Answer: Jarrah and Karri The temperate grasslands found in the region of Murray-Darling basin are known as? Answer: Downs What is the distinct characteristic of Marsupial mammals found mainly in Australia and its neighbouring islands?

Answer: Pouch like fold of skin near stomach to carry young ones Name the only transcontinental railway of Australia which runs between Sydney and Perth. Answer: Commonwealth Highways Who designed the city of Canberra? Answer: Walter Burley Which are the other names of Antartica? Answer: Dakshin Gangotri Which range of Antartica divides the continent into almost two equal parts? Mckinley in Alaska metres above sea level Which is the largest intermontane plateau of North America?

Answer: Year, in Western Pennsylvania Where is the world's largest railway junction? Answer: Chicago Which city of The United States is known as the automobile hub and is the chief production centre for the automobile industry? Answer: Detroit Lumbering is the most important occupation in which country of North America? Answer: Canada Name the two transcontinental railway in Canada. Answer: Mont Blanc Which is the only fibre crop of Europe which is used for making linen? Which of the above-mentioned river flows southward?

Answer: The Danube Which is the richest and the biggest coal-producing area of Europe? Answer: Kiel Canal How many times zone are there in Russia? Answer: Eleven Which is the highest mountain peak in Russia? Answer: Mt Elbrus Which is the longest railway in the world?

Name them. Answer: Pamir Plateau Mention the physical divisions of the Asia. Answer: Sagarmatha Which is the highest peak of Bhutan?

Answer: Gangkhar Puensum Which is the largest sandy beach in the world? Answer: Mahaveli Ganga Which are the main islands of Indonesia? What does it mean? Answer: The land of the rising sun Which is the largest city of China? Score Better. Go Gradeup. Share this article. Member since Jun Ankita Patel Aug 16, Report. Vikal Thapa Aug 16, Report. Great brother'. Anky Mishra Aug 16, Report.

Sir ye hindi me available ho payega??? Ashu Atal Aug 17, Report. Thank you Maheswar Mallik Aug 17, Report. Thank you sir. Mandeep Kumar Aug 18, Report. Any questions all subjects in Hindi. Vasudhadwivedi Vasudhadwivedi Aug 27, Report. Raj Kumar Sep 21, Report. Related Posts. GradeStack Learning Pvt.


In any Competitive Exams, we can see at least Geography questions present in General Awareness section. It is very important for candidates to be aware of our Indian Geography questions and answers. In this post, we have compiled Indian Geography questions along with their answers. Geography is one of the popular topics in Social subject, but, most of us are not aware of it. Hence, make a habit to go through daily current affairs which helps you to stay updated on Geography topics. Take a look at these questions and know their answers.

Look no further. What is the name of the strait that separates the north and south islands of New Zealand? What is the term used for lines used to join places with the same mean temperature? Looking for GK questions of a specific subject? Let me know in the comments! Can you share the questions related to some specific lines in between countries and between oceans and the countries..?? Geography questions and answers are really helpful for me and the way you maintained the levels of easy, medium, and hard are very useful.

Having a great grip on Geography is very helpful at any stage not only in quiz tests or entrance exams. The river Godavari is often referred to as Vridha Ganga because A. The scarcity or crop failure of which of the following can cause a serious edible oil crisis in India? Groundnut C. Linseed D. Which of the following factors are responsible for present crisis in the jute industry in India?

General Knowledge - World Geography

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45 General Knowledge Questions on World Geography for Kids

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