Novel techniques in sensory characterization and consumer profiling pdf

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novel techniques in sensory characterization and consumer profiling pdf

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Novel Techniques in Sensory Characterization and Consumer Profiling

Sensory analysis is an important tool in new product development. There has recently been significant development in the methods used to capture sensory perception of a product. Rapid Sensory Profiling Techniques provides a comprehensive review of rapid methods for sensory analysis that can be used as alternatives or complementary to conventional descriptive methods. Part one looks at the evolution of sensory perception capture methods. Part two focuses on rapid methods used to capture sensory perception, and part three covers their applications in new product development and consumer research.

Sensory Evaluation of Food pp Cite as. Descriptive sensory analyses are the most sophisticated tools in the arsenal of the sensory scientist. There are several different descriptive analysis methods, and, in general, these reflect very different sensory philosophies and approaches. Usually, descriptive techniques produce objective descriptions of products in terms of the perceived sensory attributes. Depending on the specific technique used, the description can be more or less objective, as well as qualitative or quantitative. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Rapid Sensory Profiling Techniques

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Descriptive Analysis

Food presents sensory attributes that can be identified, described and quantified using descriptive sensory methods. These methods have been used to developing of new products, quality control, formulation changes and to the evaluation of shelf life in the food industry. Another disadvantage is the time needed to conduct the training, making the method very expensive.

Queer Literature

This book focuses on sensory characterization of food and non-food products, p Reference details. Open print view.

Polarized Sensory Positioning

Descriptive analysis with trained assessors has been traditionally used for sensory characterization. Due to the cost of time and money required for its application, several novel methodologies, which do not require training, have been recently developed and are gaining popularity as quick and reliable options for gathering sensory information. These methodologies enable the study of consumers' perceptions of the sensory characteristics of products. However, information on these techniques is scattered in scientific journal articles, which hinders their application and creates a need for a book to assemble the details of the latest advances. Novel Techniques in Sensory Characterization and Consumer Profiling provides a comprehensive overview of classical and novel methods for sensory characterization of food and nonfood products. The book presents the history behind descriptive analysis, describes the most common novel methodologies and detailed information for their implementation, and discusses examples of applications and case studies.

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