Scientific name of plants and animals pdf in hindi

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scientific name of plants and animals pdf in hindi

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Taxonomy , in a broad sense the science of classification , but more strictly the classification of living and extinct organisms—i. Taxonomy is, therefore, the methodology and principles of systematic botany and zoology and sets up arrangements of the kinds of plants and animals in hierarchies of superior and subordinate groups. Among biologists the Linnaean system of binomial nomenclature , created by Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus in the s, is internationally accepted. Popularly, classifications of living organisms arise according to need and are often superficial.

Important Scientific Names of Plants, Fruits & Vegetables

Here poaching or capturing the animals is prohibited. Biosphere reserves are the area used to conserve biodiversity like plants, animals and microorganisms. It contains many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Wildlife sanctuaries are used to protect and conserve wildlife in their natural habitats. The species which exist no more on the earth are called extinct species.

Botanical nomenclature is the formal, scientific naming of plants. It is related to, but distinct from taxonomy. Plant taxonomy is concerned with grouping and classifying plants; botanical nomenclature then provides names for the results of this process. The starting point for modern botanical nomenclature is Linnaeus ' Species Plantarum of Fossil plants are also covered by the code of nomenclature. Within the limits set by that code there is another set of rules, the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants ICNCP which applies to plant cultivars that have been deliberately altered or selected by humans see cultigen.

Jump to navigation. These are usually derived from Latin. Organisation and Classification: The organism can be easily categorised, this really helps to make it easier to understand the characteristics of a specific organism in an organised chart. Clarity and precision: These names are unique with each creature have only one scientific name. It helps avoid confusion created by common names. Universal recognition: Scientific names are standardised and accepted universally.

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In this article list of some animals and birds are provided with their scientific names which will not only enhance your knowledge but also help in.

Binomial nomenclature

Question 1. What is sanctuary? Answer: An area where animals are protected from any disturbance to them and their habitat is called a sanctuary.

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In taxonomy , binomial nomenclature "two-term naming system" , also called binomi n al nomenclature "two-name naming system" or binary nomenclature , is a formal system of naming species of living things by giving each a name composed of two parts, both of which use Latin grammatical forms , although they can be based on words from other languages. Such a name is called a binomial name which may be shortened to just "binomial" , a binomen , binominal name or a scientific name ; more informally it is also called a Latin name. The first part of the name — the generic name — identifies the genus to which the species belongs, while the second part — the specific name or specific epithet — identifies the species within the genus. For example, modern humans belong to the genus Homo and within this genus to the species Homo sapiens.

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Historical background

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