Laboratory glasswares and their uses pdf

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laboratory glasswares and their uses pdf

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Godfrey Tanya Course Expectations. Basic Chemistry Lab Equipment Youtube. Lab Equipment.

Laboratory glassware

Knowing laboratory equipment names and their functions is not enough. The first place to look for laboratory equipment, l Explore the latest products and resources related to your industry. Prices subject to change. Petri dishes 2. Pipettes 2, 10 and 1. Instrument Uses autoclave used for sterilization of glass ware and media auto-destruct syringes specimen collection Bijou bottle a cylindrical small glass bottle with a screw cap used as a culture medium holder Biosafety What are the most common laboratory apparatus names and uses? You should also know how to practice safety in a lab.

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Common Lab Glassware and Uses

From tumblers to champagne flutes, glassware is used to serve water, cocktails, beer, liquor, wine, coffee, tea and other beverages. With a wide variety of sizes and shapes, each one has a purpose. Alcoholic drinks are often served in specific types of glassware. Common barware include the following:. Stemware is a type of glassware that sits on a base and is typically used for formal family gatherings and holidays; the most well-known is the wine glass. Other types include the following:. Red wine is typically served in stemware that has a wide, open bowl, and white wine is served in stemware with a narrower bowl.

Exceptional strength and stability. Brilliant transparency. Superior resistance to chemicals, contaminants, and drastic changes in temperature. Effective January 1, , customers will be able to download digital certificates as PDF files from the Corning Life Sciences online resource library simply by entering the item ID number and serial number from their PYREX product, and we will no longer provide printed certificates. This new process will improve customer convenience and reduce paper waste while delivering the same calibration information customers require. This change will not affect the functionality of our PYREX products—the materials, manufacturing process, packaging configuration, and quality standards remain unchanged.

The use of threaded safety joints prevents joints from getting stuck. Do not leave pipettes or glass-rods sticking out of beakers, bottles or flasks. Do not heat.

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