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learn spanish fast and fun way pdf

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Publisher: Erin Huebener.

Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way

Publisher: Erin Huebener. Kudos to the author for all of the work that went into creating this resource. This book generally covers the basic information presented in introductory Spanish courses.

While I did encounter some issues with navigation and organization, I Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less. While I did encounter some issues with navigation and organization, I thought the author did a nice job overall.

I recommend supplementing the book with listening comprehension exercises and more practice exercises that students can complete outside of class, but it could be utilized as an OER resource for introductory in-person classes. As it is definitely geared towards a live classroom setting, it would not be so easily utilized for online classes as is. The information presented in the text is not information that will become outdated, as it is focused on grammar and vocabulary.

Overall, explanations are very clearly written for beginning students to understand. Since the arroba is used throughout, I do recommend that a clear explanation of its use be explained from the onset.

I saw a partial explanation on p. The structure of each chapter is consistent throughout. It starts with a cultural reading which doesn't flow well as a chapter intro - see below , statement of objectives, a pre-chapter activity, presentation of several grammar topics with practice activities after each, vocabulary presented where needed, I can statements, objectives review, and vocabulary list.

The book is broken down into chapters and smaller sections of presentation and practice. The initial chapter presentation, however, is of a brief cultural reading that is disjointed from the actual content of the chapter. It would be nice to have chapters be presented in thematic terms instead of just "Chapter 1" , "Chapter 2", so that the general nature of the information presented is clear from the start. Also, these introductory cultural readings go way over the students' skill level from my perspective, as they use vocabulary and structures that the student could not yet comprehend based on what material the student has seen at that point.

Except for the disjointed cultural reading opener to each chapter, the order of presentation is overall logical and clear. Order of presentation, of course, can vary from text to text, but it is reasonable overall.

From the student perspective, I think the end of chapter vocabulary lists could definitely be better organized for ease of use. While I had no problem accessing the the audio and video components via the links, navigation was an issue.

After finishing with the audio or video and clicking the back arrow, I would find myself at the beginning of the text again and would have to scroll down to try to find where I was. One could also look in the Table of Contents to find the page number, but since there are no links in the table of contents, it is still cumbersome. I could easily see a student losing patience with this and simply not clicking on audio and video links.

In an overall perusal of the text, I found it to be generally error free. I did note the misspelling of "Respuestas" on p. The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive, and actually goes above and beyond most texts in the way of cultural sensitivity. I used this book for a Spanish 1 class and found it to cover what I would normally want to introduce to a beginners class.

The glossary at the end was a good way to have students think on their own about the vocabulary before knowing the meanings Comprehensiveness rating: 5 see less. The glossary at the end was a good way to have students think on their own about the vocabulary before knowing the meanings.

Compared to a non OER text, this was more comprehensive in how I would teach. So I think it's a great educators text. The book doesn't include any quiz, exam or review activity at the end of any chapter which would be nice to have. The author included a section about gender and non-conforming language for Spanish which I haven't seen in other texts.

Thus, it is 'in conversation' with the times and is a great way to inform students of how language is adapting. I think the explanations are very clear.

I always include more for students but it gives a good foundation. The videos are also great for more accessibility. This was mostly 'true' beginners so the repetition in the book was great. The format and explanations were consistent. It is not very easy to find sections because of the pdf format without the options to jump to a chapter via a menu. Thus, I would have to give specific page numbers.

Also, the activities are only numbered thus I had to be very specific with the page number, chapter and activity so students wouldn't get confused and complete work from the wrong chapter.

The organization was clear. I really liked the opening and closing goal reflection activities for students to commit to a learning goal and a study habit. The book didn't delve deeply into culture-I would add my own supplemental information. I didn't find the text culturally insensitive or exclusionary. I would definitely use it again. Simple format, comprehensive and a good amount of practice activities. The book covers all the vocabulary and grammar structures that a beginner Spanish course should cover to build the productions skills needed to jump into Intermediate.

At the beginning there is a Table of Content that specifies the components of At the beginning there is a Table of Content that specifies the components of each of the 10 chapters. The book begins on the basics salutations, introductions The activities are well designed and scaffolded as all of the sections include several options to practice with peers and short writing in steps.

The book has listenings to practice and videos links to YouTube to hear the vocabulary. The content is accurate and up-to-date. I find the introduction of current issues especially important non-binary pronouns, for example. It is non biased, and inclusive.

Students will find plenty of opportunities to personalize the vocabulary, and get to know their peers through the activities designed to exchange information. The information presented is relevant, and up-to-date. The book does not include deep cultural or text explorations, and so I would use it as a manual for vocabulary and grammar that does not become out of date.

I find that every instruction is well versed, and includes examples to model the activity. I do not see any student getting lost with technical terminology. However, I would prefer if te instructions were in Spanish after the first few chapters.

Completely consistent. The first chapter set the model for how the rest of the book will be presented. Every chapter follows the same structure: short cultural reading, vocabulary, grammar, more useful vocabulary, and grammar again.

Complete coherent modules. I would like the table of contents to have links that take you to the page you want to go to. Another improvement I would make is to include the chapter and section we are on the top of every page. The modules work in a logical and coherent way that do not make you or the student get lost. All the headers, subheaders, and content is coherently written for you to become familiar with it. Extremely well organized. The book flows well with grammar and vocabulary relevant, and activities that scaffold the students to use them in context.

Students will get a lot of class practice. I do not see any navigation problems. The book could easily be used online or printed. As I mentioned before I would include: -Links in the table of content -The chapter and section on every page -Maybe in the videos where you listen to the vocabulary, a picture or a full sentence that prompts you to contextualize the word. The book cannot be used for emphasizing culture.

However, it gives PLENTY of opportunities for the instructor to personalize culture of their choice, or relevant to their institution. The book works mainly as a manual for practicing vocabulary and grammar, and the cultural content should be provided by the instructor that has to use the book. This is not a negative point at all. Also, they are a good starting point for the instructor to personalize cultural content of their choice without being "imposed" by the book, which is something I usually miss.

For example, it shows a Documento National de Identidad, similar to the one in Spain. This would be used by the instructor to show IDs from several hispanic countries, and compare the info those include vs.

Overall, this book is an amazing resource for a beginner course that takes students from 0 to 5. Libro Libre is a great book for beginners and intermediate level students. As other textbooks, Libro Libre introduces new vocabulary and grammar as the chapters progress. In my opinion, the explanations of the grammar are clear and relevant.

The text has good activities for practicing the new grammar points and using the new vocabulary. I really like that there are many activities where students can personalize their participation. Libro Libre has audio and video features and has beautiful illustrations in all the chapters.

However, I think that the book does not have many activities that would help students with their reading and writing skills. A very important point of this book is that in each chapter students need to set their personal objectives. Likewise, the author establishes the outcomes for each chapter. Finally, at the end of each chapter there is the vocabulary for the chapter and an empty page where students can personalize their own vocabulary. In my opinion Libro Libre does not have any accuracy problem.

Learn Spanish the fast and fun way

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Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way

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