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education and human development pdf

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Education can be defined as the procedure of acquiring skills, values, knowledge, habits, and beliefs.

The Handbook of education and human development : new models of learning, teaching, and schooling

Education is much more than what most people understand it to be; it goes beyond getting various certifications or reading a book. Education can be broadly defined as a process that aims to provide a set of instructions to instill good morals, a positive attitude towards life, ethical behavior and a need to help others. More often than not, the role played by education in human development is often overlooked. Education is perhaps the essential aspect of human development as it provides an avenue to help people to grow economically and broaden their understanding of cultural and social practices in the community. Most educated persons within a society that does not value the importance of education, often leave. This leads to massive brain drain, that if left unchecked could adversely affect the social and economic viability of the entire community.

Human Development and Family Life Education

Higher education is an important form of investment in human capital. In fact, it can be regarded as a high level or a specialised form of human capital, the contribution of which to economic growth is very significant. The contribution of higher education to development can be varied: it helps in the rapid industrialization of the economy, by providing manpower with professional, technical and managerial skills. In the present context of transformation of societies into knowledge societies, higher education provides not just educated workers, but knowledge workers to the growth of the economy. It creates attitudes, and makes possible attitudinal changes necessary for the socialisation of the individuals and the modernisation and overall transformation of the societies. Fourthly, and most importantly, higher education helps, through teaching and research in the creation, absorption and dissemination of knowledge. Higher education also helps in the formation of a strong nation-state and at the same time helps in globalisation.

The College of Education and Human Development embraces the University's mission as a metropolitan research university committed to advancing the intellectual, cultural, and economic development of our diverse communities and citizens. We promote the highest levels of learning and social, emotional, and physical health and well-being for all children, individuals, and families. Our programs enhance the organizations and communities in which they grow and develop. Our mission is to advance knowledge and understanding across our disciplines and constituencies and to develop educational leaders who will inform policy, improve practice, strengthen communities, and address pressing social concerns. We prepare students to be exemplary professional practitioners and scholars; to generate, use, and disseminate knowledge about teaching, learning, health promotion and disease prevention, and leadership in public and private sector organizations; and to collaborate with others to solve critical human problems in a diverse global community.

EDUCATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. V.I. Kuptsov. Association of "​Humanitarian Education", Moscow State University, Russia.

The Handbook of education and human development : new models of learning, teaching, and schooling

E : fcs spu. Jobs in family and community services today are many and varied. Because families exist in every culture and every community, the skills held by family service professionals are greatly needed. The environments in which families exist are always changing.

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