Article 62 and 63 of pakistan pdf

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article 62 and 63 of pakistan pdf

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Article 62 — A brief look at the law

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Sugar, spice and everything nice may well be the recipe for creating the perfect cartoon character but it is implausible to replicate the same in real life. The standards provided in Article 62 and in particular 62 1 f of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan are no different than the recipe provided above. Article 62 of the Constitution provides the eligibility criteria for becoming a member of Parliament. The aforementioned overall lays down objective standards including age and citizenship, which were also present in previous Constitutions of Pakistan, both and The qualities mentioned in the constitutional provision above seem to be taken out of a novel, describing an ideal character, but it is time that we differentiated between fiction and reality. The issue not only lies in the wording of the aforementioned provisions of the Constitution but also with the way that the courts have interpreted the same over the years. Regardless of how sagacious, righteous or ameen one may be, there will always be something which one will fall short of in order to achieve the perfection enunciated in Article

Act II of Chapter I. Short title, extent and commencement. Chapter II. A-Of the liability of instruments to duty. Instruments chargeable with duty.

Menace Of Articles 62 And 63 Of The Constitution Of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan 1973

Jump to navigation. This article analyses the provisions regarding the qualifications and disqualifications for Parliamentarians set out in the constitution of Pakistan, and traces their evolution over the years. It establishes that the objective interpretation of these provisions in the past has given way to a more subjective and moralistic approach in the run-up to the general elections. It further argues that, for the most part, these provisions lay down unascertainable and subjective criteria for qualification and disqualification of a Parliamentarian. This in turn lends support to the main argument of this article that the fundamental right of an individual to contest for a public office, and an equal fundamental right of the citizenry to choose their representative cannot be refused, on the grounds of such ambiguous ideas.

Disqualification on grounds of defection, etc. If a notice is issued under this clause, the Presiding Officer of the concerned House shall be informed accordingly. Explanation: A member of a House shall be deemed to defect from a political party if he, having been elected as such, as a candidate or nominee of a political party: or under a symbol of political party or having been elected otherwise than as a candidate or nominee of a political party, and having become a member of a political party after such election by means of a declaration in writing :- a commits a breach of party discipline which means a violation of the party constitution, code of conduct and declared policies, or b votes contrary to any direction issued by the Parliamentary Party to which he belongs, or c abstain from voting in the House against party policy in relation to any bill. In the event the decision is against the member, he can file an appeal, within seven days, before the Head of the Party, whose decision thereon shall be final, in cases covered by the Explanation to clause 1 , sub-clauses b and c , the declaration may be made by the Head of the Party concerned after examining the explanation of the member and determining whether or not that member has defected. The Presiding Officer shall within two days transmit the decision to the Chief Election Commissioner.

Why Articles 62 & 63 need to go

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Article 62 — A brief look at the law

Analysis of article 62 and 63 of 1973 constitution

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