Plant mutation breeding and biotechnology pdf

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plant mutation breeding and biotechnology pdf

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New Breeding Techniques NBTs include several new technologies for introduction of new variation into crop plants for plant breeding, in particular the methods that aim to make targeted mutagenesis at specific sites in the plant genome NBT mutagenesis. The decision was based in a context of conventional plant breeding using mutagenesis of crop plants by physical or chemical treatments. These plants are explicitly exempted from the EU GMO legislation, based on the long-termed use of mutagenesis. Thus, by both strategies mutations in any gene across the genome can be obtained at a rather high speed. However, the differences between the strategies are 1 the precision of the exact site of mutation in a target gene, and 2 the number of off-target mutations affecting other genes than the target gene. Both aspects favour the NBT methods, which provide more precision and fewer off-target mutations.

Plant mutation breeding and biotechnology.

Martin A. Parry, Pippa J. Increasing crop yields to ensure food security is a major challenge. Mutagenesis is an important tool in crop improvement and is free of the regulatory restrictions imposed on genetically modified organisms. The forward genetic approach enables the identification of improved or novel phenotypes that can be exploited in conventional breeding programmes. Powerful reverse genetic strategies that allow the detection of induced point mutations in individuals of the mutagenized populations can address the major challenge of linking sequence information to the biological function of genes and can also identify novel variation for plant breeding.

In: Shu Q, BP F, Nakagawa H (eds) Plant Mutation breeding and biotechnology. CAB International, Oxfordshire, pp. – Kurowska M, Daszkowska-Golec A​.

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