Cad cam computer aided design and manufacturing pdf

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cad cam computer aided design and manufacturing pdf

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Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing CAD/CAM Volume 4 By Cornelius T Leondes

Both of these require powerful computers. CAD software helps designers and draftsmen; CAM "reduces manpower costs" in the manufacturing process. Although, in , Computervision was 1 and IBM was 2, IBM had a major advantage: its systems could accommodate "eight to 20" users at a time, whereas most competitors only had enough power to accommodate "four to six. One goal of CAD is to allow quicker iterations in the design process; [9] [10] another is to enable smoothly transitioning to the CAM stage. CAD , when linked with simulation , can also enable bypassing building a less than satisfactory test version, resulting in having "dispensed with the costly, time-consuming task of building a prototype. In Computer-aided manufacturing CAM , using computerized specifications, a computer directs machines such as lathes and milling machines to perform work that otherwise would be controlled by a lathe or milling machine operator. CAM , although it requires initial expenditures for equipment, covers this outlay with reduced labor cost and speedy transition from CAD to finished product, especially when the result is both timely and "ensuring one-time machining success rate.

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Computer Graphics : Raster scan graphics coordinate system, database structure for graphics modeling, transformation of geometry, 3D transformations, mathematics of projections, clipping, hidden surface removal. Geometric modeling : Requirements, geometric models, geometric construction models, curve representation methods, surface representation methods, modeling facilities desired. Drafting and Modeling systems : Basic geometric commands, layers, display control commands, editing, dimensioning, solid modeling. Group Tech : Part family, coding and classification, production flow analysis, advantages and limitations, Computer Aided Processes Planning, Retrieval type and Generative type. Computer integrated manufacturing systems: Types of Manufacturing systems, Machine tools and related equipment, material handling systems, computer control systems, human labor in the manufacturing systems, CIMS benefits.

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Gal-Tzur, Z. November 1, November ; 4 : — The design analysis begins with the lift schedule specified either by analytical functions or by discrete data points which are transformed to an analytical form by cubic spline interpolation. The required cam contour and its curvature at each point on the cam periphery are then derived. Machining of the required cam shape is analyzed for NC jig grinding, CNC grinding, and rocker grinding.

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Computer-aided design CAD involves creating computer models defined by geometrical parameters. These models typically appear on a computer monitor as a three-dimensional representation of a part or a system of parts, which can be readily altered by changing relevant parameters. CAD systems enable designers to view objects under a wide variety of representations and to test these objects by simulating real-world conditions. Computer-aided manufacturing CAM uses geometrical design data to control automated machinery. These systems differ from older forms of numerical control NC in that geometrical data are encoded mechanically.

CAD/CAM: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

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Computer-aided design and manufacturing

Show all documents Most of the product existing nowadays starts from the research in reverse engineering study. There are a lot of advantages in this field such as the cost and time can be reduce in product manufacture and also we can integrate the product into a high level usage after a few research been made. In this project, the scope mostly is to reverse engineering the current Dogbone Mould by producing another mould of another product which is plastic keris. The structure of runner of this plastic keris mould has been modified in order to get the optimized results. There are two types of plastic materials that used in this research which is Polypropylene High-Flow and Polypropylene Low-Flow. CAM simulation has been made for the plastic keris mould and the results for core is achieved only for the cavity there are a minor correction has to be made into a secondary processes.

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Book. Home; Author Biography. TOC. Part I: Computer Aided Design (CAD); Part II: Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM); Part III: System.


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