Difference between commercial bank and development bank pdf

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difference between commercial bank and development bank pdf

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The word Bank has been originated from many words. It means heap of money. It refers to a place where money-lenders and money changers used to sit and display their coins and transact business. Table of Contents. What is Development Bank?

Difference between Commercial Bank and Development Bank | Meaning and Difference | List 2020 - 21

Commercial Bank is the bank organized to perform public utility banking services, such as accepting deposits, lending money, etc. On the other hand, development bank refers to a multi-purpose financial undertaking set up to provide financial aid to the industrial and agricultural sector, to encourage development. Banks play a very important role in the financial system of every country. If the banking system in the economy is effective, it adds to the economic development of the country. Every segment of society uses different services provided by the banks for different purposes. Let us now discuss the difference between Commercial bank and Development Bank. Basis for Comparison Commercial Bank Development Bank Meaning Commercial Banks are the banks that provide basic banking and financial services to individuals and corporates.

Development banks are those which have been set up mainly to provide infrastructure facilities for the industrial growth of the country. They provide financial assistance for both public and private sector industries. Working capital requirements are provided by commercial banks, indigenous bankers, co-operative banks, money lenders, etc. The money market provides short-term funds which mean working capital requirements. The long term requirements of business concerns are provided by industrial banks, and the various long term lending institutions which are created by government.

Commercial bank

Development banks include multibillion-dollar entities like the World Bank, but most are smaller regional and local lenders spread throughout the world. They exist to fund projects that improve the material well-being of people, particularly those living in poverty. A development bank, in short, does what most commercial banks cannot do: it funnels capital into projects of dubious profitability. To achieve these ends, most development banks—and there are perhaps hundreds in the United States alone—are geared toward grassroots economic assistance. The two types have little in common from an organizational point of view, but they share the common goal of combating poverty and economic hardship by infusing capital into local economies. Although they are private institutions, community development banks differ from commercial banks in salient ways.

A central bank is a banker's bank. It is normally part of or connected to the government of a country and manages the country's financial system. A commercial bank provides banking services to businesses, institutions and some individuals. The money it takes in from its customers is deposited at its local central bank. Nearly all the country's banks have accounts at the central bank to keep their money and for borrowing to offset any temporary shortages of cash.

A bank is a financial institution whose aim is to provide financial services. They largely contribute to economic development through financial intermediation, money creation, and asset transformation. They also represent the largest source of financing for businesses by providing financing directly, extending loans and buying bonds and providing financing for consumers. On this basis, banks are either classified into private and public banks. While a private bank is owned by one or more individuals, a public bank, which is also referred to as an incorporated bank is incorporated under an act and are owned by shareholders.

Development finance institution

A development finance institution DFI also known as a development bank or development finance company DFC is a financial institution that provides risk capital for economic development projects on non commercial basis. DFIs can play a crucial role in financing private and public sector investments in developing countries, in the form of higher risk loans, equity positions, and guarantees. DFIs often provide finance to the private sector for investments that promote development and to help companies to invest, especially in countries with various restrictions on the market.

Difference Between Commercial Bank and Development Bank (With Table)

The primary function of a bank is to support the economic system by acting as a mediator between depositors and loan seekers. Banking services are essential for the development of a country, functioning as the back-bone to economies.

Key Differences Between Commercial and Development Bank

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