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difference between port and harbour pdf

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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

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Ports and Harbors Magazine

Port can be understood as a place, where loading and unloading of ships and boats are done. The term port is often juxtaposed with harbour , which implies a place along a coast where ships or boats can take shelter if the atmospheric conditions are not well for sailing. Many times they serve similar purposes relating to administration, development, industry and commerce. And due to this reason, there is always a buzz, whenever we talk of these two riverine. So take a look at the article presented to you which explain the difference between port and harbour. Harbour alludes to an area next to the shore, where water crafts are anchored for getting safety from stormy weather.

There are various terminologies related to the marine industry that the mariners or people from the same industry understand. But common people are not that aware to know the meaning of such terms. Some terms are often confused with one another. The two confusing terms are port and harbor. Both are a docking place for ships and boats on the shores of oceans or rivers. The difference between Port and Harbor is in their purpose.

Ports are harbor areas in which marine terminal facilities are transferring cargo and passengers between ships and land transportation. Ports are points of convergence between the land and maritime domains of passengers and freight circulation. While the maritime domain can involve substantial geographic coverage related to global trade, the land domain is related to the region and locality of ports. The term port comes from the Latin portus , which means gate or gateway. Historically, ports emerged as safe harbors for fishing, and those with convenient locations became trade hubs, many of which of free access and designed to protect trade. As such, they became the nexus of urbanization, with several becoming the first port cities playing an important role in the economic welfare of their regions. Today, many of the most important cities in the world owe their origin to their port location.

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

P orts: definition and study of types, sizes and business models. Recei ved: March Accepted: July Roa, I. Ports: definition and study of types, sizes and business models.

A harbor American English or harbour British English ; see spelling differences synonym: haven is a sheltered body of water where ships , boats , and barges can be docked. The term harbor is often used interchangeably with port , which is a man-made facility built for loading and unloading vessels and dropping off and picking up passengers. Ports usually include one or more harbors. Alexandria Port in Egypt is an example of a port with two harbors. Harbors may be natural or artificial.

What is difference between port and terminal?

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Difference Between Port and Harbour

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