Trump trip to Canada will include that time he insulted Trudeau

U.S. President Donald Trump will get to meet the leaders of the G-7 during a visit to Canada next week. In the talks, Mr. Trump will seek an apology from Canada for imposing tariffs on U.S. goods. On trade, he has sided with his fellow conservatives who want to decouple the world’s biggest trading power from the European Union and Canada, while expanding the rules for the U.S. trade with China. The gaggle of countries at the summit will also encounter questions about Russia’s resurgence, China’s move to maintain tighter surveillance on its citizens, and the ongoing talk of independence in the UK and the rising tensions in the Middle East.

Mrs. Clinton says she might be in a position to discuss her experience in the 2016 campaign for president in the context of the special counsel investigation. “I still get to shake a lot of hands. I will take a walk in the woods,” she said on The View. “I think it will be revealing for me. I am sure that there will be questions about the past. I will not pre-emptively say, ‘I will not be called.’” Mrs. Clinton had said during the campaign that Russians had hacked her campaign emails, but she has declined to comment on the special counsel investigation to date. (ABC)

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