Finnish Prime Minister Ambushed By Security Cameras After World Cup Win

Finland’s Prime Minister has been in the news this week after admitting that he clubbed too hard following the World Cup win over Sweden last Saturday.

After the game was over, Ratas found himself drunk and rowdy outside a bar in Helsinki, when he was spotted by CCTV cameras. In an interview on Friday, Ratas said he thought the cameras were there because he had knocked down one of them.

Ratas said, “I am sorry for that. I apologized after I saw the security camera footage. What I did is that I was drunk, I was wild and I kicked one of the security guards. It was not intentional, and there is footage of it.”

Ratas added, “I went outside with some of my close associates to find a few beers after a big win.”

“I felt the security cameras because I knocked down one of them. I thought they were there for some reason. So I went looking for a bottle of beer, and that’s when I realized I shouldn’t have done that.”

Ratas later added, “I am sorry for being a bad actor.”

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